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3 Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew: A Comparison


Brandon Pierce
January 22, 2022

If you’re like many coffee aficionados, you want to try all the latest trends for making and brewing coffee. It can seem easier to go to your local coffee shop to try some cold-brew coffee.

However, most people quickly learn that it’s best to make it yourself. It is less expensive and you can choose the ingredients you use to ensure the best flavor.

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Among the most important ingredients to consider are the coffee beans you’ll use in making the coffee. Finding the best coffee beans for cold brew can seem daunting if you don’t know much about coffee beans, but three products stand apart from the crowd, and we reviewed them briefly below.


1. Stone Street Cold Brew Whole Bean Coffee

Stone Street Cold Brew Whole Bean Coffee

Single Origin

Dark Roast


  • Bold Flavor
  • Designed for Cold Brew
  • Pre-ground available


  • Confusing Instructions
  • Not Beginner-friendly
  • Requires a Coffee Grinder

The Stone Street Cold Brew Whole Bean Coffee comes in a one-pound and five-pound bag. The package is resealable to help promote freshness. It also has a three-layer foil, which helps to ensure freshness regardless of how long it takes to use the product.

The coffee beans are 100 percent Arabica Columbian Supremo. The product is a dark roast, and you should use the coarsest grind level of your grinder to promote slower extraction and more flavorful coffee, as well as ensure that the coffee grounds do not escape if you use a French press. The coffee bean is designed specifically for cold brewing.

2. Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee

Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee


Dark Roast


  • Fresh Flavor
  • High Caffeine Content
  • Strong Flavor
  • Available size variations


  • Whole bean Only
  • Requires a Coffee Grinder
  • Flavor may be too strong

While the name can seem a little daunting, Death Wish Coffee Co. is one of the world’s top producers of the strongest coffee products. They have a variety of products available, but the organic whole bean coffee is one of their best sellers.

That is because it has double the amount of caffeine as regular coffee. The taste is also quite strong, so if you aren't sure about the taste, but want the caffeine, you might want to tread lightly here.

While many people prefer coffee from all over the world, it can be helpful to have products that are certified by USDA as Kosher and organic, which is what this coffee bean is all about. Plus, the coffee is Fair Trade, which means that the manufacturers and companies that sell the product pay fair prices to the farmers who produce the beans.

The Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee is of the dark roast variety, as indicated by the color of the packaging. It also helps that you purchase these coffee beans whole so that you can always brew it fresh.

While the cold-brew process is a little different, you can expect it to taste the same on the first day you make it and the last. Plus, you can grind it to your preferred level; most cold-brew methods require a coarse grind, which helps to promote more flavor and keep the grounds from getting into the beverage.

3. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Beans

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Beans


Medium Roast


  • Organic
  • Designed for Cold Brew
  • Price
  • Comes in Packets too


  • Weaker flavor
  • Whole Bean not available

Bizzy has a track-record of creating great-tasting cold brew-specific coffee products for a few years now. That is why we included them in this list despite the fact we can only get them pre-ground.

We've found that their pre-ground cold brew beans sort of miss the mark for us in that we still experienced some sediment at the bottom of our immersion test brewer.

However, when using it in a rapid brewer, which has micro-filters in it, the sediment problem went away and the flavor is nice and smooth, with a slight sweetness to it, as expected from Bizzy.

Would I recommend going with Bizzy? Yes, but only if you do not wish to grind your own beans and you buy the smaller bag. If you have a large family, then perhaps the larger pre-ground solution would work too. You Cold Brew fiend!

If you enjoyed this review roundup, consider checking out the best cold brews coffee grounds roundup where we talk more in-depth on why you might choose pre-ground solutions over whole beans.


Whether you’ve been cold brewing your coffee for years or just wanting to give it a try, you have three excellent products on hand.

The act of opening the package, grabbing a pre-ground, pre-filled packet, and plopping it in water was just too much to pass up. Plus, the coffee itself tastes great, even though it isn't as strong as the others. Likewise, you can use it as regular hot-brewed coffee in a pinch.

These are definitely the best coffee beans for cold brew.

Brandon Pierce

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My name is Brandon and I love cold-brew coffee. If you're a fan of everything homebrew, then we'll get along just fine. I also enjoy riding my Onewheel around town, and going on adventures with my future wife! As an online work-from-home advocate, it's important that I stay connected to the world while being able to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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