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Coffee has always been one of the world’s most consumed beverages. With the surging popularity of cold brew, more people are searching for the best coffee grinder for cold brew.

You can easily create your own highly caffeinated drinks at home with the right equipment, and with a good-quality coffee grinder, you can even experiment with it to find the flavor that you like.



Electric grinders are incredibly efficient when dealing with different types of ground coffee. With that in mind, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the Mueller Austria HyperGrind Grinder to help you get the perfect cup of coffee in the morning.


  • Consistent Grinding

No matter how often you use your new electric grinder, you’ll find that the HyperGrind will stay consistent over time.

  • Adjustable Settings

With this grinder, there are several presets that you can choose from when you’re grinding your beans. You can choose from a French press, percolator, drip, AeroPress, Turkish, espresso, K-Cup, and more.

  • Compact Design

There’s no need to worry about your new grinder taking up too much space on your counter as the Mueller Austria HyperGrind Grinder is very compact. It may even fit in a drawer so that you can keep it off the counter entirely. This model is only seven inches tall.

  • Versatile Uses

Instead of using the HyperGrind only for coffee, you can also use it for cooking. It will easily work with nuts, seeds, spices, and herbs to help elevate your dishes.

With the variable settings, you can choose whether you want it to chop or grind ingredients. In addition, the grinder does not absorb the flavors of any spices that you use, helping to keep your coffee to taste as fresh as possible.

  • Heavy-Duty Motor

If you’re in the market for a coffee grinder that will grind ingredients incredibly quickly, this is one of the better options to choose. In comparison to spending five to eight minutes achieving the perfect texture, this model easily creates a fine powder in under a minute.

  • Professionally Inspected

According to the manufacturer, the HyperGrind has gone through three professional inspections to ensure that its quality is above industry standards.


  • Easy to use
  • Easily creates a fine powder
  • Not as loud as other electric grinders
  • Highly efficient


  • The motor may experience issues
  • Coffee may blow out of the air vents


Although electric grinders are the most efficient, plenty of coffee aficionados prefer to use manual grinders. Designs similar to the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder give you the most control when making your morning coffee. The slower grinding process also helps to preserve most of the flavor of the beans.


  • 18 Click Settings

There are 18 different adjustable settings in this built-in grinder. You will easily be able to choose the perfect coarseness for your beans regardless of how you prefer to brew your coffee.

  • Manually Powered

Instead of worrying about having access to batteries or an electric socket, this unit is manually powered. This is what helps to make it ideal for travel or overnight trips where you might not have electricity, such as when backpacking and camping. This feature also helps to make the grinder much quieter than electric ones.

  • Removable Hand Crank

To protect the coffee grinder when traveling, you can easily remove the hand crank and store it separately.

  • Quiet Operation

As there isn’t a loud motor in the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, you will be able to grind your coffee in much quieter environments without disturbing those around you. According to the manufacturer, it helps to eliminate up to 90% of the noise produced by electric versions.

  • Ceramic Combo Burrs

The ceramic combo burrs inside of the grinder give you a professional quality grind that has been inspected and tested. You’ll find that the ceramic blades will last substantially longer than stainless steel ones.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Requires minimal effort
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Adjustable clicks are easy to use


  • Not always consistent
  • Plastic pieces are prone to breakage


This coffee grinder is the perfect size for someone who needs a compact grinder to display on their counter or bring with them on their travels. It has most of the benefits of larger cold brew grinders you’ll find but in a much smaller package.


  • Stainless Steel and Ceramic Body

The main parts of the Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder are built using only stainless steel and ceramic. This helps to maintain the integrity of the grinder after years of use.

  • Hand Crank Coffee Mill

If you want to have full control over your coffee bean grinding, you’ll appreciate the hand crank that this grinder comes with. It is far quieter than electric grinders and is ideal for the office, camping, or small apartments.

  • Fully Adjustable Settings

You can easily adjust the settings of the coffee mill to achieve different grinding options. No matter if you’re making espresso, French press, drip, or stovetop coffee, you can grind the beans from ultrafine to coarse.

  • Glass Jar

To preserve the quality of the ground beans as well as keeping them fresh, the jar for the Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder is made entirely of glass.

  • Convenience

This entire coffee grinder can be disassembled, which makes it much easier to clean than other manual grinders.

  • Silicone Base

The base of the grinder is made of silicone, which gives you a non-slip surface when using the grinder on a counter or any other slick surface. You won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking the coffee beans over while grinding.


  • Extremely quiet
  • Doesn’t create static
  • Perfectly grinds coffee


  • Less efficient than electric grinders
  • Will take over five minutes to grind coffee


Overall, the best coffee grinder for cold brew is the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder because it has a sleek and stylish appearance, and it performs well above other manual grinders.

With the ability to have full control over the precision of your grinds, this grinder has everything you’d expect from a high-quality model. In addition, the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is perfect for travel.

Ideal for coffee lovers who are looking for a grinder that is quiet when used, easily comes apart for safe storage, and offers the most consistent grinds possible, it’s the perfect gift either for yourself or a loved one.

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