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Can You Froth Creamer for Coffee? An Ultimate Guide


Brandon Pierce
October 14, 2021

If you are here, it means you want to know 'Can you Froth Creamer for coffee'?

The short answer is 'Yes'. Frothed Creamer is one the quickest and most popular techniques to give an ordinary cup of coffee a more delicious and frothed creamer flavor.

Though some coffee enthusiasts may frown upon the use of creamer, it's a fact that most households have some kind of creamer in their refrigerators. 

frothed creamer

In this article, we’ll be sharing 6 ways you can froth coffee creamer at home if you are cutting milk or adding delicious flavor to your coffee with a hot and cold foam.

6 Ways to Froth Creamer for Your Coffee at Home

 We know that with the idea of frothing the coffee creamer, you might be looking forward to getting a local coffee shop’s creamy and foamy results.

And you might be asking yourself,'' can you froth creamer instead of milk.?''

Yup, you sure can, and here are various methods to froth coffee creamers.

1-Use a Steam Wand to Froth Creamer.

Here is a tip when using a steaming wand while you froth coffee creamer. Do not fill your jar more than halfway because it will gain more body as it steams and froths.

An overfilled container will make a big mess and, depending on how hot the creamer is, can also lead to burns.

To froth your creamer with a steam wand, start up the espresso machine and ensure it has enough pressure steam.

Pour your favorite coffee creamer for coffee into the mug. Make sure you clean the wand before, just like froth milk. Now put the wand just under the surface of the coffee creamer and turn on the steamer.

Add enough air to the liquid creamer for about 3 seconds, then lower the steam wand more into the milk. Keep steaming until the bottom of the pitcher gets too hot for you to touch.

Now wipe the wand off and pour the foamed and flavored creamer in your hot coffee.

2-Electric Milk Frothers to Froth Creamer

You should get an electric milk frother if you enjoy whipping up your reamer froth. It's the easiest way to froth because all you have to do is add the powdered coffee creamer, plug it in, put the whisk in place, and press the button of the milk frother &  your foam will be ready in no time.

Make sure the coffee creamer is warm; it works better this way.

3-You can use a Mason jar to froth creamer.

Believe it; you can froth creamer for coffee in a simple mason jar. The creamer in the jar should be filled to about three-quarters full.

Note: Make sure the jar's lid is on tight, then shake it for 45 seconds.

manson jar

This is the most remarkable technique to solidify the froth and warm it up before using it in a latte.

To microwave, the coffee creamer in the jar, remove the lid and place the jar on a microwave-safe plate for 30 seconds.

Creamer for iced coffees can be frothed in the same way. Just don't microwave it.

4-Use a French Press to Froth Creamer

A French press can help you match the creamy consistency of creamer, just like at a coffee shop.

 When you warm creamer in the microwave or on the stovetop, then pour it into your French press along with the milk.

Now move the plunger up and down, and the milk will be frothy after about a minute.

It's essential to lift the plunger a few times above the level of the coffee creamer to work in some air since air makes foamy creamer.

Only lift the plunger a few times above the coffee creamer and then put it back in the creamer.

Too much air will make big bubbles, and the texture won't be as smooth.

5-You can use Magic Bullet to Froth Creamer.

Since it doesn't need any effort on your part, frothing creamer in a Magic Bullet is definitely the fastest way.

Fill the cup halfway with cold creamer, allowing room for the foam. If you use heated coffee creamer, you risk an explosion!

Place your cup on the base and attach the cross blade. In 10 to 15 seconds, use the Magic Bullet.

Undo the lid and microwave the cup for 30 seconds to get hot-frothed coffee creamer. Your frothed creamer is now ready to pour or scoop into your latte.

6-Use an Immersion Blender to Froth Coffee Creamer

This is the best way to make iced coffee or coffee with powdered creamer added straight to it.

It is another way to make your own frothy coffee creamer at home. The idea is to put a handheld immersion blender into warm creamer and turn it on at a low speed, then gradually turn it up to make the texture fluffier.

Mixing coffee and creamer together can make drinks that taste like lattes.

This technique produces weak foam with giant air bubbles in the coffee creamer.

Generally, we want something thick and creamy, and the blender tends to make the drink a lot cooler.

If you don't use a deep enough container, the blender can also create a mess in the kitchen.

Why won’t my Creamer Froth Properly?

Most liquid coffee creamers don't contain dairy, which is fantastic for those who have lactose intolerance or who prefer to avoid dairy products.

Still, it is not ideal for producing the frothy, lightweight texture you want in your coffee beverages.

You can avoid this problem by selecting a dairy-based creamer or one with Gellan as an ingredient.

Gellan is a commercially utilized stabilizer that you won't find on the shelves of your local grocery store.

It functions as a replacement for missing milk proteins, which lend structure to the liquid and allow the frothing process to form bubbles that won't collapse in the liquid.

If you're using a coffee creamer with Gellan or dairy and you're still not getting the results you want, check the use-by date. Coffee creamer has excellent shelf stability when unopened.

After opening, they have a short shelf life of about two weeks, so be careful with how you keep them.

Even leaving your uncapped creamer on the counter for a half-hour in a warm room can cause major quality and freshness issues, making it nearly hard to froth.


A cup of coffee with a lot of foam on top tastes rich and warm. Coffee creamer is a good way to make your coffee foamy, and it comes in a wide range of flavors and types to suit everyone's tastes.

You should find the coffee creamer that works for you, whether it's non-dairy coffee creamer, vegan, keto, or made with other healthy ingredients. Coffee creamer froths are something no one should miss out on.

Brandon Pierce

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