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Coffee from Belize


Brandon Pierce
August 25, 2022

If you have not had a cup of joe originating from Belize, you may be missing out. Though Belizean coffee is not the top seller on the market, it does not fall short on flavor or acidity.

Belize is not legendary for its coffee, and one would not think that a medium roast or an espresso would be easy to find.

It turns out, though, a quick search while in Belize has surprising results.

You can get a coffee in the small country just as quickly as you can at home.

Belize's coffee culture is also relatively young, meaning that they are rapidly developing an industry around one of the world's most popular beverages.

A Fresh Style Coffee

Belize learned what it knows about coffee, primarily from Guatemala.

For this reason, there is little difference when ordering an espresso in either country since Baristas from Belize learned their way around the coffee beans by a share of experience from Guatemalans. 

A coffee shop in Belize will generally make a variety of espresso-style coffees, including lattes and cappuccinos.

It could be the perfect coffee when you are on holiday if that's what you require.

fresh style coffee

Great Coffee and A Simple Supply Chain

Belize is a small country in Central America. Guatemala, Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea border it. It's in the Caribbean, which makes Belize a popular destination for tourism.

What's impressive is Belize's unique supply chain that allows residents and tourists to enjoy locally grown coffee beans.

When it comes to Belize, coffee is grown, roasted, and supplied to the consumer in a humble and bespoke manner, and they aim to please.

Maya Coffee: Gallon Jug Estate

The Maya rainforest is home to Belize's most popular coffee because the shaded land is an excellent environment to grow full-bodied Arabica coffee beans.

At the same time, the high altitude makes the beans denser and ideal for making espresso. It allows a slower growing process, which makes the coffee bean flavor more robust. 

The coffee beans are all-natural, not organic.

The locals handpick the coffee beans. Most of the locals already know how to pick coffee, usually bringing years of experience to the task.

gallon jug estate

The locals handpick the coffee beans. Most of the locals already know how to pick coffee, usually bringing years of experience to the task.

Gallon Jug Estate, Belize; coffee cherries are the main crop to come out of this small business operating from the Maya rainforest.

They take great pride in growing coffee for use across Belize. Gallon jug also features sauces that they sell on their website, which is an exciting combination.


Caye Coffee Roasting

There is one leading roaster in San Pedro known for delivering the bulk of the coffee.

Pronounced 'Kee,' the Caye Coffee company takes Arabica beans and roasts them on-site, providing the product to Belize's cafes using the best beans to produce an excellent coffee for local tourists.

Caye Coffee features a small website, where you can read about the specialty roasts that they alone provide; front street, middle street, and back street.

You can find the company in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.

Belize may be far from purchasing coffee, but Caye Coffee Roasting will send roasted Arabica beans to your address at a reasonable price.

If you are unsure what to get, their middle street is a medium blend that combines their front and back street coffees.

caya coffee roasting

As the leading business roasting coffee for Belize, they provide fresh products so you can get quality beans straight to your home address.


Getting a Cup of Coffee in Belize

Suppose you are after a great tasting coffee and happen to find yourself in the Belizean sunshine.

In that case, Ambergris Caye is home to many options for you.

There is There are Coffee HouseLavish Habit, and Flight Café, to name a few in the area.

In Belize, coffee may not be the product that first comes to mind.

marbucks coffee house

Still, there is always time for a coffee when enjoying Belizean hospitality. Suppose you have the free time while in the area, you may want to try Belize coffee.

From freshly roasted beans should come a great tasting medium-bodied coffee.

Belizean Coffee: Great Coffee

From the company that harvests beans to the humble shop owner that sells coffee to the eager public, Belize has developed a splendid coffee culture in Central America.

These workers deliver what many coffee drinkers are used to; a well-rounded serving of medium roast Arabica coffee. 

This rapidly growing little industry in Belize provides something different from what many people think they know about life in the Caribbean.

It is comforting to know that if you feel like a coffee while in Belize, a quick search will find multiple locations to deliver a product that you like.

It is interesting to see how this small country has embraced the coffee beans and the beverage that people like produced from the content.

It is definitely worth seeing how it is done in Belize, from the growing to the roasting, to the coffee purchased at a reasonable price; Belize makes coffee good.


Most of the businesses mentioned in this article have a website and an email address despite the internet being unpredictable at best in the islands.

It could be a good idea if you are going to the area and would like to see how and where coffee is made in Belize, to contact the business to organize a free tour, especially when it comes to Gallon Jug Estate.

It is worth seeing how these unique businesses perform at making coffee in such different conditions in so many other parts of the world.

It speaks volumes about the nature of coffee. In a tiny nation of sand, sunshine, and relaxation; a micro-industry and supply chain has taken hold.

 The Belizean people have managed to produce and deliver coffee. It has become something that is its unique product. Over the years, this coffee will likely even become its style compared to the surrounding nations.

If you track how coffee differs in every corner of the world, you can track human development.

Coffee is the story of cultural evolution, and Belize is its own café culture.

Brandon Pierce

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