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How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last? 3 Important Factors


Brandon Pierce
October 7, 2022

The control over brewing customization, tons of health benefits, and a fantastic taste of green coffee beans have made them quite well known these days. Of course, the taste is no exception.

However, how long do green coffee beans last? In simple words, if green coffee beans and other roasted coffee beans are compared, the shelf life of your green coffee beans will win.

That is to say, green coffee beans can last up to 6 months and 1 year if stored correctly and in the right circumstances. To learn more about this and discover tips to store green coffee beans yourself, keep reading.

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last? 

A lot of things go into the shelf life of green coffee beans. Like, the place you store them in, temperature and moisture. These are things that affect the life of green coffee beans. Therefore, there is no clear-cut answer to this question though. The shelf life of green coffee beans depends on how one takes care of them. However, if you keep them in the right circumstances, then these green coffee beans might be able to accompany you for 6 months to 1 year.

How Long Does a Green Coffee Bean Stay Fresh

Companies make sure that the green coffee beans last for years as they want to store coffee beans and keep the green coffee bean extract taste intact.

. However, keeping them for so much time isn’t ideal. You can only keep green coffee beans fresh and use them for around 6 months or a year depending on the care you’re giving them.

If you try to keep them any longer than that time period, the beans will lose all of their aromas, flavor, and energy. It means you’ll no longer be able to use them.

However, that's not the only thing that affects the freshness of the coffee beans. Usually, companies deliver them late to you or the coffee beans are in a bad container. So, this way, the beans won’t be able to stay fresh for so long.

Are Green Coffee Beans More Durable Than Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans?

Yep, green coffee is more durable than your average roasted beans. Because, usually, roasted coffee beans are in shops for a long time, usually stored in vacuum-packed bags, without ever being opened.

So, this situation already takes away most of their flavor. And once you take them home, and open your roasted coffee beans, they have a limited shelf-life and a timer on their taste. So, if you have roasted coffee beans, consume them before they go stale. When roasting coffee beans, know that may last for 10 days to maximum 6 weeks, unless you have your coffee beans stored in a vacuum-sealed environment. That’s it. Roasted coffee beans can’t be your companion any longer than that and maintain their original quality.

The Things That Affect The shelf life of Green Coffee Beans

The shelf life of green coffee beans is affected by three things. If you succeed in the main three of them, you’ll be able to enjoy your green coffee beans. So, go through each of them carefully.

1) Temperature

If your green coffee beans are stored at more than 60degree temperature, they're probably not going to last longer. Because this is the optimal temperature for them. This temperature keeps the flavor of the coffee beans maintained and doesn't let them get dry. So, what is the best place to store your green beans?

The best place for the coffee beans is the storage pantry, as it’s usually dry and cool. And when the coffee beans are dry, they lose most of their flavor. However, the place should not be too dry or cold. Or else it'll ruin the taste of coffee by drying it out. Maintaining the ideal temperature is ideal.

2) Moisture Levels

The more levels of moisture your coffee beans are in, the more flavor they lose due to getting too soft. The bitter, if you’ve kept the bean in a humid area, then there must be molds, bacteria, and fungus which will surely ruin the taste of your beans and make them not last longer.

Remember, molds can be injurious to health. Thus we recommend you keep an eye on the signs of mold on the beans. According to java experts, the ideal humidity level for green beans is 60%. So, please, Keep that in mind.

3) Containers

Storing green coffee beans properly can extend the shelf-life, or shorten it based on the container. Containers are what your green coffee beans are going to stay the most in. aren’t they? Therefore, ensuring that the container is not ruining its flavor is cardinal.

Usually, the green coffee beans are shipped in burlap or jute bags, which may cause them to have humidity. For that reason, we advise you to store them in airtight jars or in lock bags. Also, if you have any other containers similar to them, then you can make use of them as well.

How To Tell If Green Coffee Beans Are Bad?

When you have learned how long do green coffee beans last, so you can easily guess when they will go bad. But if still, you don't know whether the green beans have gone bad, how would you be able to know whether or not you should consume them? So, the best way to identify that green coffee beans are bad is to watch out for the following signs. If you see these signs, it means the green coffee is no longer of use.

Signs that the Green coffee beans are bad

  • The Beans lose their greenish color and turn into other different colors than the original.
  • You start seeing the mold on the beans.
  • The smell of the beans changes and doesn't remain the same as of the fresh green coffee beans.
  • The coffee tastes bad (it is not fresh coffee)

Tips To Store Green Coffee beans

If you want to store your green coffee in a way that it lasts longer. Follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Keep them away from moisture.
  • Store them at a stable 60Degree temperature.
  • Keep the beans away from the scorching beams of the sun.
  • Store them in containers like Alright jars or lock bags.

Follow these tips to make your green coffee beans stay with you for years.


How long do green coffee beans last? It depends on the way you take care of them. If you provide them with a 60-degree temperature, moisture-free place, and keep them away from the sunlight, they can last for up to 6 months to 12 months.

Brandon Pierce

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