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How to Clean Coffee Pot Stains: Try These Hacks


Brandon Pierce
October 7, 2022

If you drink coffee regularly, you are sure to have the problem of stained coffee pots. Coffee stains are known to be one of the nastiest and most stubborn stains to exist! In this blog, we’ll walk you through step-by-step how to clean coffee pot stains. Some of these methods will also remove coffee stains from other surfaces!

How To Clean Coffee Pot Stains – Is It Easy?

We have some terrible news for you if you don’t clean your coffee pot after each usage. Allowing the coffee to dry on the bottom of the pot can ruin the flavor of subsequent batches of coffee and result in a dirty pot. Every time you use your coffee pot, you must empty and clean it.

However, if you clean your coffee pots regularly, you will have minimal staining on your pots. If that is not the case, there are ways to remove stains from the coffee pots, but they might not be as easy as rinsing them away. However, your coffee pots may be made from different materials and each needs to be treated differently to remove the stains.

Glass Coffee Pots VS Stainless Steel Coffee Pots

There’s no need to be concerned about those pesky stains in your coffee maker anymore. We have the finest techniques for you to remove coffee stains. It’s not difficult to understand how to clean coffee pot stains and remove them permanently, but various solutions work for different materials.

You wouldn’t clean a glass coffee pot the same way you would a stainless-steel coffee carafe, and you wouldn’t remove hard water stains the same way you would coffee rings. Let’s discuss how to get these stains off stainless steel and glass coffee pots.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Coffee Pots

A stainless-steel coffee pot keeps your fresh coffee hot for far longer than a glass vessel, and it doesn’t introduce unpleasant flavors into your drink as plastic does.

You must clean the carafe after each use to extend its longevity and safeguard the flavor of your morning cup of joe. If you leave it for too long, it will leave semi-permanent coffee stains.

In most circumstances, simple soap and water are sufficient to clean a stainless steel coffee maker. It’s also the most likely to be used daily. However, it is not always the best option. Here are a few ways that are tried and tested to remove stains from stainless steel coffee pots.

  1. Coffee Stains Can Be Removed with Bleach

  1. Add one part bleach and one part warm water into the carafe.
    2. Swirl the mixture around until fully mixed.
    3. Leave for no more than two hours.
    4. Thoroughly wash out the coffee pot before using it again.

Always test the coffee cup before immersing it in bleach. This is an aggressive cleaning chemical that can harm the coffee cup by removing coatings, paints, and patterns. Bleach may eat away at stainless steel, so exercise caution while using this household cleaning product.

  1. Cleaning a Metal Coffee Pot with Baking Soda and Vinegar

  1. Fill the dry carafe with a quarter cup of baking soda.
    2. Swirl the baking soda around the saucepan to cover the insides gently.
    3. Fill the carafe halfway with white distilled vinegar and set it aside.
    4. Fill the saucepan halfway with warm water and set aside for 15 minutes before thoroughly washing away the baking soda mixture.

Be prepared for the mixture of this baking soda to bubble out of the carafe’s top. Because vinegar may etch granite or other countertop materials, work over a sink or on a flat, resilient work surface, such as a cookie sheet or cutting board. 

  1. Use Lemons to Remove Those Coffee Stains

  1. Squeeze the contents of lemon, seeds, and all, into the carafe.
    2. Add enough table salt to coat the bottom of the saucepan.
    3. Swirl the lemons and salt together in the saucepan and set aside overnight.
    4. Scrub the pot with the rough side of a dish sponge after thoroughly rinsing it with plain water. 

The citric acid will dissolve the stiff particles that have settled on the surface of the metal coffee carafe. The operation can be done as many times as necessary without causing any damage to the stainless steel carafe.

How To Clean Glass Coffee Pots

A glass coffee pot comes with the most of the automated drip coffee makers. Glass is inexpensive, easy to clean, and does not deteriorate over time. If you care for your glass coffee pot properly, it will most likely outlast the coffee machine. However, just because glass is easy to clean does not mean that regular cleaning of your glass coffee pot should be neglected. If you merely give your glass coffee pot a brief cleaning after each use, coffee residue can build up over time and be difficult to remove.

Even if you regularly wash your glass coffee pot with soap and water, old coffee stains and mineral deposits can accumulate. These can be quite difficult to remove once they’ve settled in. Here are a couple of ways you can remove those nasty coffee stains.

  1. Water with Salt and Lemon To Remove Coffee Stains

  1. The first step in cleaning the stain is to sprinkle salt on the inside of your coffee maker.
    2. After that, squeeze one or two lemons into the spots.
    3. Then wash off after a few hours.

    This is an effective method for cleaning glass coffee pots. Applying salt and lemon with warm water to coffee pot stains might help clear them up without causing much corrosion. Moreover, lemon is not a chemical so it is not toxic even if the coffee pot is not washed properly.


  1. Use White Vinegar for Glass Coffee Pot

  1. Fill the glass coffee pot with 2-3 teaspoons of white vinegar.
    2. Then top with warm water.
    3. Properly mix the concoction and allow it to absorb up all the stains overnight.
    4. Wash with warm water in the morning.

White vinegar may be a very beneficial and inexpensive solution. It’s very good for cleaning glass surfaces, which includes glass coffee pots. Moreover, it can be used on more than just your coffee pot.

  1. Dishwasher Detergent for Removing Coffee Stains

  1. Fill your glass pot halfway with boiling water.
    2. Add a tiny amount of dishwashing detergent.
    3. Allow the detergent and water to work overnight in the coffee maker.
    4. The next day, use a scrub brush or sponge to remove any remaining stains.

    When you’re through, make sure to properly rinse your now clean pot because you do not want to have a coffee that smells or tastes like detergent!


Cleaning a coffee maker is a very simple process, although it may be challenging at times, especially if you haven’t cleaned yours in a while. Regularly wash your coffee maker right after you are done making coffee.

My advice is to make it a habit to clean your coffee pot after each use, either by hand or by putting it in the dishwasher. I hope the question “How to clean coffee pot stains?” has been answered well. 


Brandon Pierce

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