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Keurig K400 vs K450: What Are Pros and Cons? + [Similarities and Differences]


Brandon Pierce
November 29, 2021

Here is a comparison between the Keurig K400 Vs K450.

The two models, Keurig K400 and K450 have only one big difference between them.

Keurig has made a big leap from  K300 to K400. Some common features of the Keurig K400 series are:

  •  Turn on automatically.
  • Water reservoir has a large capacity
  • Color LCD
  • Customizable clock and wallpaper. 

Are you also confused between the Keurig K400 and K450? You have no idea which one to buy!

Then, don’t worry! This guide will lead you to the model that best suits your needs.

So, here is a detailed comparison between the two models.

You will get a vivid description of both the models and it will become easy for you to purchase one.

At a glance:

Keurig K400



  • A large range of cup sizes is available from 4 ounces to 30 ounces.
  • Temperature and strength control.
  • Touch LCD with a 2.4 inch screen.


  • Lacks water filter kit.

The bottom Line

The Keurig K400 weighs 9.5 pounds and has a good-sized 71 oz. Water tank, 10 brewing sizes, a high-quality display. It has 2 carafe pods and 4 k-cup pods. 

Keurig K450 



  • Efficient and fast performance.
  • Compatible with all types of coffee beans.

  • Super quiet machine.

  • Very simple to operate.


  • Sometimes there are tears in the bags
  • Price

The bottom Line

The Keurig K450 weighs 8.5 pounds. It is a quiet machine and will make your coffee on a spur of the moment. It has 4 carafe pods and 6 k-cup pods. The water filter kit is an advantage in this model

Features: Keurig K400 vs. K450:

FeaturesKeurig K400Keurig K450
Dimensions10.4” L x 13.6” W x 13.4” H10.4” L x 13.6” W x 13.4” H
Weight9.5 pounds8.5 pounds
FrotherNot availableNot available
Water Reservoir70 ounces70 ounces
Water FilterNot availableAvailable
ColorRed and blackRed, black & sandy pearl

What are the similarities?

AppearanceBoth models have the same style and design with a slight difference in weight
CarafeThe coffee pots are included for brewing large cups of coffee. You can brew many cups of coffee in one go for a big household.
Programmable They have a touch screen display for convenience and multiple language options. You can set the machine to turn on automatically and brew a cup of coffee
Auto shutoffYou can set a time after which the machines will turn off automatically. This will save you energy, in case you forget to turn it off.
Brewing temperatureThe machines can be operated to set a specific brewing temperature. The maximum temperature attained is 193 Fahrenheit. While there are multiple temperature settings to choose from. You can select low, medium, and high brewing temperatures.
Drip trayDrip tray can be used for temporarily holding your cups and mugs. They can also accumulate the leaking drops of espresso shots.

What are the differences?

WeightDespite having the same dimensions, K400 weighs 9.5 pounds and K450 weighs 8.5 pounds.
AccessoriesK400 has two k-carafe pods and four k-cup pods. While K450 has four k- carafe pods and six k-cup pods.
Water filterK400 lacks a water filter while K450 has one.
Water tankK400 has a water capacity of 71 ounces while K450 has a capacity of 70 ounces.
PriceK400 is more affordable than K450. Its price is 12$ less than K450.

Comparison between K-400 vs K-450

Coffee Quality:



Keurig K400 and K450, both produce a high-quality, freshly brewed cup of delicious coffee. They are equipped with similar brewing technology, so the output is also the same. I bet you are going to crave more for the creamy coffee, once you try out these models of Keurig.


“Keurig K400”

keurig 400

The Keurig K400 is the winner. It has slightly more water capacity so you can brew more cups of coffee with a brewing temperature of 192 degrees Fahrenheit. It also offers an auto brew and strength control option to customize the brews.  It can be used in small offices to serve employees throughout the day. You can keep on brewing luscious cups of coffee.

Water Filter: 

Keurig K450”

The main difference between Keurig K400 and 450 is the water filter. Keurig K450 has a pre-installed water filter kit, while K400 does not.

Water filter filters the water and prevents the accumulation of minerals. So, it's necessary to have one with your machine. There is a plastic pipe in the filter that will attach to the water tank at the bottom. There is a carbon filter at the bottom of Keurig K450. While at the top you will find an automatic reminder for installing the water filter.

Your coffee will always taste more delicious with a water filter. A water filter will also maintain the pH range to reduce oxidation.

If you already have a water filter or are planning to purchase one, then you can think of buying a Keurig  K400. Otherwise, K450 will be the best option.



Keurig K400 and Keurig K450 are almost similar in appearance and have sleek design. They have a well-designed menu with a color display. Your coffee will be ready just with the touch of a button.


“Keurig K450”

Although both the machines show wonderful performance Keurig K450 wins the race. It is exceptionally fast in running the brew cycle and preparing your coffee cup. It also operates very quietly without making wheezing sounds. So, you will love to make coffee over and over again with Keurig K450.

Water Reservoir:

“Keurig K400”

Without any doubt, the Keurig K400 is the winner. Although the difference between the water capacity of the two models of Keurig is theoretically very less, practically it counts a lot. So, Keurig K400 and 450 have a water capacity of 71 and 70 ounces, respectively.

Machine Size and weight:

“Keurig K450”

Even though both machines have the same dimensions, they vary in weight. The Keurig K400 has more weight compared to the K450. Keurig K400 weighs 9.5 pounds and the K450 weighs 8.5 pounds. So, if you want to move your machine around your kitchen counter, then purchasing K450 will be a wise decision.



I consider this a tie but you can choose the winner. Keurig K400 and 450 have the following accessories:

  • A pack of pods
  • K Carafe
  • K cup

Except for the water filter kit, all other accessories is the same in both the models.


“Keurig K400”

The Keurig K400 is more affordable than the K450. K450 is equipped with a few more accessories like a water filter kit so it is higher in price. If you can work without the extra accessories, then K400 is budget-friendly and good to go.

What is the difference between Keurig 2.0 models?

Water tank (ounces)40607080
LCDBlack & white 2.4” touch screenBlack & white 2.4” touch screen2.4” color touch screen2.8” color touch screen
Maximum brew size (ounces)16161618
Strength controlAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Temperature controlNot availableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Set FavoritesNoYesYesYes
Hot waterNot availableNot availableNot availableAvailable
Iced modeNot availableNot availableNot availableAvailable
Personalized clockNoYesYesYes
Personalized wallpaperNoYesYesYes

The Final Verdict:

Keurig K450 and Keurig K400 are very similar machines. The only difference is of the water filter in K450. You can buy a water filter and incorporate it in K400 and it will also work in the same way as Keurig K450.

But if your locality has good water quality then no need to go for the expensive model. Keurig K400 will do the job perfectly well.

In the nutshell, I recommend you to go for the affordable model K400 and enjoy your cup of Joe.


What happens if you don't change the Keurig filter?

A water filter will undergo wear and tear with time. It won't perform its function properly. So, the unfiltered water will make your coffee taste different than your regular cup and will also promote the accumulation of debris.

So, I will recommend you replace the water filter after every 60 days.

How long does a Keurig 2.0 last?

If you use the coffee machine daily, it will have a life of 3 to 5 years. More is the usage of the machine, shorter will be the lifetime. If you properly operate and maintain your coffee machine, it will potentially increase the life of Keurig 2.0.

Can you use the same K cup twice?

No, the K cup can not be used again. It is designed for one-time use only. If this does not work well for you, you can buy a reusable filter. Otherwise, use the K-cup once and throw it in the garbage.

Can a Keurig just brew hot water?

Yes, you can get hot water from a Keurig. Turn on the coffee machine, fill the water reservoir, and don't insert the pod into the machine. Run a brew cycle and you will get hot water.

Brandon Pierce

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