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Kirkland Cold Brew Coffee Reviewed: Is it Good?


Brandon Pierce
October 9, 2022

If you’re searching for the perfect summer beverage, read our Kirkland cold brew coffee review. When I first discovered it a few years back, this was one of my favorite hot season treats. I recall ordering a take-out iced coffee on my honeymoon in the Maldives and being so disappointed with the bitter, watery beverage that I threw it away. I heard Americans weren’t excellent at iced coffee, but I figured a trip over the pond would lead to greater and better things.

I could easily use my Costco business membership as they accept orders using Costco business delivery to order my cans of coffee as it is very convenient this way.

Why Choose Kirkland Cold Brew Coffee

If you’re searching for a new to-go coffee to add to your shopping list, go no further than the Kirkland cold brew coffee, which comes in a 12-pack at a great price. You can easily find it at your nearest Costco.

At 325ml / 11fl oz, the can is comparable to a can of Red Bull energy drink, except that instead of being pumped full of chemicals to keep you alert, it’s simply coffee in a can.

I know a lot of folks who become addicted to energy drinks and then stick to it as an almost daily routine. If you’re not careful with what you put in your tank, the larger brand energy drinks may be dangerous. Coffee is a pretty carefree way to accomplish this. I’m interested in coffee more.

How Is The Kirkland Cold Brew Coffee Prepared?

For those who are curious, this is prepared from Colombian coffee beans and is a Colombian product. Perfect for pounding before you dash out the door, I bought some the first time I tried it for a weekend away with the fellas. 

We ended up sipping these babies throughout the weekend at some fairly late hours because we were in the usual party mood.

Costco Business Delivery – Get Your Delivery Directly From The Warehouse

Typically, our fridge is stocked with some of these sugar babies along with the ice. I sometimes like to add a bit of creamer on top to give it an extra oomph of cream. Whenever I am about to run out of my cans, I contact one of the retailers holding the cans or just order from the Costco warehouse using the Costco business delivery service.

With Costco’s return policy, I am never worried about any issues when it comes to primary cancellation or a value for my money.

Why You Should Get It

  • The cold brew coffee cans are comparable to similar energy drinks
  • It’s not made with chemicals and contains only coffee
  • Its price is less than the typical energy drink
  • The taste is just out of this world
  • It is Kosher certified for those who need Kosher products

Kirkland signature cold brew hit it out of the park with this one. It doesn’t require any milk or sweetness! Perhaps a better analogy would be that this coffee is designed for both coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers! Most people are left completely satisfied after a couple of sips of this Kirkland signature product.


Why You Should Not Get It

  • The caffeine content might be a little too much for some people
  • It might taste slightly bitter to non-coffee drinkers
  • Its price is a little higher as compared to other cold coffees

Is The Kirkland Signature Cold Brew Potent?

One of the most crucial things to understand about Kirkland’s signature cold brew coffee is how much caffeine it contains. This contains around 2.3 times the caffeine found in a standard cup of coffee, weighing in at 225 mg. In summary, cold brew coffee is typically 95 mg stronger than a conventional cup of coffee. Most reviews will talk about the ‘kick’ this large dose of caffeine gives them.


“Oh, this has a woody taste,” I thought after my first pour one morning. The more swallows I took, the less woody it tasted, but after my first sip, I realized it wasn’t the best cold brew I’d ever had. But the flavor rubbed off on me the more I drank it. The Kirkland signature cold brew tastes fine but not spectacular to me even though there are many great reviews for it over the internet.

Hope you like my Kirkland Cold Brew Coffee Review and it has helped you made a decision.

Brandon Pierce

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My name is Brandon and I love cold-brew coffee. If you're a fan of everything homebrew, then we'll get along just fine. I also enjoy riding my Onewheel around town, and going on adventures with my future wife! As an online work-from-home advocate, it's important that I stay connected to the world while being able to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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