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Kyoto Cold Brew: Mind-blowing Japanese Coffee


Brandon Pierce
October 7, 2022

 Kyoto cold brew is a traditional Japanese cold brew method.  Instead of complete immersion, it utilizes cold water that flows gently over coffee grinds. This results in the most delectable cold brew coffee ever.

Japan does almost everything differently, and coffee is no exception. The Kyoto-Style slow drip coffee not only tastes sophisticated, fragrant, and subtle, but it also looks the coolest.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing this unique coffee brew to educate you better on the topic.

We’ll start by talking about how this coffee is so unique.

What’s So Cool About The Kyoto Cold Brew

This brewing system, as the name implies, uses an incredibly slow dripping method of cold water over a bed of coffee grinds in a process that can take up to 12 hours from start to finish.

Slow coffee brewing has changed over the years, and you can now get some gorgeous, tall glass slow drippers that may take up a whole kitchen countertop.

It is a method of making coffee with ice water. This cold brewing is done in a big glass device known as the Drip Coffee Tower or Cold Brew Tower. Frozen water is gently dripped – one drop per second slow – over coffee grounds on a filter. They do it for a minimum of 8 to 12 hours or overnight. The glass tower is what makes the Kyoto cold coffee quite different. We’ll tell you more about it. 

The Kyoto Cold Brew and Its Glass Tower

Kyoto-style slow drip coffee is prepared in a glass tower, which is a big manual machine that does not require any electricity. It’s a straightforward three-component machine.

To begin the process, each component is a chamber, with the top one filled with ice and a little amount of water. The coffee grinds are then placed over the filter in the second chamber. And the third and final compartment collects the dripping brew. Now let’s move on to how the Kyoto cold brew is prepared.

How To Prepare The Kyoto Cold Brew

To begin the brewing here’s what coffee equipment you’ll need;

  1. A Kyoto-style drip tower
  2. Coffee Filter Paper
  3. Kitchen Measurement Scales
  4. A Coffee Grinder

Note: You must remember the ratio when brewing this coffee. 1 liter of iced water is required for every 100 grams of coffee grinds. A few ounces of water are poured into the chamber to begin the brewing process.

Also, keep in mind that each tower has its unique set of ratio recommendations. So, you may play about with it, but the overall notion of the ratio is as we’ve explained. Let’s get this party started.


  • 50 grams of Coffee beans/grounds
  • Some Ice
  • 3 ounces of Water


  1. Coffee should be measured and ground to a medium coarseness.
  2. Dampen the paper filter and place it at the bottom of the second chamber.
  3. Add the coffee grounds and a little water to completely dampen the grounds. This initiates the brewing process.
  4. Fill the first chamber with ice and set the nozzle at the reservoir’s base to drip at a rate of one drop per second  (This will take 8-12 hours)
  5. Pour it into a glass with ice and serve.
  6. You can add hot or cold milk or cream to your drink.

Note: Ideally, this will take between 8 and 12 hours.

We hope you’ll enjoy your drink and not confuse it with iced coffee. Let’s talk about it to make sure you don’t.

How Does the Kyoto-Style Slow Drip Coffee Differ From Iced Coffee?

Kyoto-style iced coffee is not the same as conventional cold brew; they are completely different. Cold-brew coffee uses the full immersion method. This implies that the coffee is soaked in water for ranging from 12 to 24 hours.

During this period, the coffee grinds and water remain in constant touch with one another. The resultant brewed coffee is a very powerful concentration with a high caffeine content, which is usually diluted before consumption.

Iced coffee, on the other hand, is usually just hot brewed coffee with ice added. As the ice melts, you’re frequently left with a watered-down, subpar cup of coffee. This isn’t even close to the Kyoto-style iced coffee. It’s an understatement to say that Kyoto-style coffee is the better choice. 

Why Is the Kyoto Cold Brew Better Than Iced Coffee?

Because the water is gently dripping over your ground coffee and then filtering through and ending up in a separate glass beaker, the Japanese slow drip iced coffee method is not full-immersion like cold brew. The water captures all of the goodies before it exists as it travels through the coffee!

Cold-brew coffee is often less acidic and more earthy than coffee prepared in a slow drip coffee machine. Kyoto-style slow drip is noted for capturing more of the high notes found only when brewing coffee slowly with cold water over a lengthy period. Are you still wondering why is this cold brew gaining popularity?

Why is the Kyoto Cold Brew Gaining Popularity?

Many high-end coffee shops now serve Kyoto-style Japanese coffee and proudly showcase what seems to be a science lab of towering glass coffee towers.

Would you prefer an iced coffee from one of these tall drip towers as a customer? Of course, you would, which is why so many tiny and independent coffee shops are adding this style of Japanese coffee machine as part of the functional décor – anything to gain a leg up on the competition!

Kyoto-style cold brew is gaining popularity due to the increased traveling. Explorers have spread to embrace new, different cultures and customs as they traveled the world, finding new, different cultures and traditions. Similarly, such trips and experiences have spread this coffee over the world.



I would have to agree that the Kyoto cold brew is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest-tasting cold brews. This is originally from Japan, but it has earned worldwide popularity.

For me, this sweet-tasting cold brew is unlike any other cold brew. You can taste even the most subtle notes that coffee has to offer, which are sometimes lacking in conventional cold brews and even hot coffees.

When you have hours to spare, create Kyoto cold brew using the recipe we’ve provided you in this blog. Then simply add some ice and enjoy!

Brandon Pierce

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