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Myicedcoffee.com is Now Part of ColdBrewHub.com

If you've ever heard of the summer of iced coffee, then you might be familiar with a fun little campaign one of the coffee giants spurred interest in during the later parts of the 2000's.

Over time, MyIcedCoffee, originally a part of Dunkin Donuts summer iced coffee campaign, has introduced many hot coffee drinkers to the concept of cold coffee alternatives with their 9 iced coffee flavors.

myicedcoffee.com is not part of coldbrewhub

Partnering with MapQuest in an effort to direct iced coffee lovers to their favorite DD locations in 33 states, the website originally served up road trip planning advice and suggestions for having fun along the way.

Additionally, visitors could play instant-win games for thousands of prizes, even a chance to win up to $10,000 to fund the ideal summer getaway.

As with any marketing campaign, their summer iced coffee campaign eventually ended and the interactive web site was taken down.

Enter Cold Brew Hub

Like many of you out there, ColdBrewHub.com recognizes the superiority of cold brew coffee. Still, there are a ton of skeptics out there and cold coffee beginners who do not yet understand the differences and why cold brew coffee is the go-to choice for quenching that summer thirst.

So now, the myicedcoffee website is part of ColdBrewHub.com - Your Hub for Everything Cold Brew Related.

There are many articles, adjacent to cold brew coffee, that we will be adding over time to Cold Brew Hub, because let's face it. While we all love cold brew, hot coffee still holds a place in most of our hearts. Additionally, what better way to introduce coffee lovers to the concept of cold brewing than to reach out of our bubble and pull them in?

What are We Planning to do with MyIcedCoffee?

We will talk a lot about espresso, pour-over, and other traditional techniques as well as showcasing a few of the products used to make coffee the old-fashioned way faster and taste better. These are staple pieces of content that one might expect from my iced coffee. Additionally, we will tie in all of these techniques and brewing methods, combine them with cold brew recipes, and create tons of great content you've come to expect from us.

This content includes: