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Are you a nitro coffee enthusiast and looking to find ways to make it yourself? Start by investing in a compact kegerator system. A kegerator is a dispensing device that is a combination of two words keg and refrigerator. Do you already own one that comes for CO2 beer pours and wondering if you can use it for nitrogen gas instead? Yes! You can still re-use some parts from your standard kegerator. Most nitro cold brew coffees use nitrogen gas as a propellant. You will need a few additional components such as nitrogen regulator, nitrogen tank, and nitrogen/ stout faucet to convert the appliance from CO2 to nitrogen.

Typically there are four types of kegerators. We are going to explain each one of them so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Kegerator Types

  • Mini kegerators: These are self-pressurized, with a counter-top dispenser connected to a mini keg.
  • Full-size home kegerators: It is a residential draft dispenser that contains up to a full-size keg. It comes with a pressurized CO2 tank and coupler. It is typically in a free-standing style.
  • Commercial kegerators: They are similar to full-size home ones but designed for commercial purposes. They are either build for free-standing or under-counter installation.
  • Outdoor kegerators: As the name suggests, outdoor kegerators use heavy-duty materials meant to weather the elements. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures from 45° to 100° Fahrenheit.

The majority of kegerator compact systems come with a tap kit and some other parts needed to dispense nitrogen. They include a tower with faucet, handles and hoses and a tank, coupler, and regulator.

Does it make financial sense to purchase kegging equipment for my nitro cold brew hobby?

Nitro cold brew is a premium product that sells at a premium price in the market. Typical in a commercial setting, the cost of making cold brew is nearly two times more than that of an iced coffee. The higher the cost of operations, the higher the market price. Sometimes cafes get a full kegging setup on loan or lease, and then pay for the delivery of a finished cold brew product already kegged.

Our research shows that the cost of a delivered keg of cold brew is about $95. This amount is excluding delivery charges and the cost of nitrogen. To understand the cost and benefit analysis, let's do a cost-benefit analysis. A 5-gallon keg would yield 640 oz of product, costing 14.8 cents per ounce. That means it will cost you $1.78 for a 12 oz serving. Let's just say that you sell it for $4 excluding sale tax; then, your gross margin would be 56%. Now let's compare how things will look if you purchase your kegging equipment! Your costs will dramatically reduce to 7.2 cents per ounce for the final product. It will cost you $0.86 $ for 12 oz serving. If you keep the price the same, the gross margin would be 79%. How does that sound to you? Great, right!

So if you are planning to serve a large amount of cold brew coffee, then investing in kegerator sounds more cost-effective than continually buying it. Even though the keg needs constant refrigeration, it wouldn't cost you more than what a standard refrigerator would. Interestingly, it might consume less power because the door is open only when you have to replace the keg, or you have to clean the lines.

Estimate your Floor Space

OK, so we know you are interested in buying a nitro coffee kegerator. But the question is, do you have space for keeping it and where are you going to put it? A nitro coffee kegerator is as big as a keg, so it will require a floor space of a minimum of 3 square feet (If you have multiple kegs system, then it will need even larger area). Let's talk about height now. Most kegerators have a draft tower on the top that increases their height up to about 4 feet. To save you time and money, make sure that the setup fits in your designated space. Space should be accessible too because no one would be willing to carry a half-barrel keg up or down the stairs. Think about space before you shop for your kegerator.

As we are talking about the nitro coffee kegerator, it makes sense to talk about the keg. Before buying a keg, start considering these things.

  • Size and space! Think about how will you move the keg to your location? Is it too heavy? Will it fit in your kegerator or not?
  • Are you going to buy or DIY? Decide what kind of keg couplers to order and install. To tap from the goodness inside, you'll need different attachments based on the keg.
  • Maintenance and cleaning. If you don't keep your keg clean, it wouldn't taste the way it's supposed to be. You will waste your time and effort if you serve the coffee made out of a dirty setup. No one likes to swim in a dirty pool, so what makes you think that people will drink coffee made up of an unclean system.

What about maintenance?

Like all the other appliances, kegerators require maintenance and cleaning. If you want to maintain the quality of your draft, then clean draft lines and equipment regularly. If you're using it at home, then it's best to clean your hoses and equipment after every brew. You not only need to clean the line leading from the keg to the valve but also the faucet itself. You will need to get a special line cleaner to ensure that tubing remains free of all the elements. Make sure that you are not using hot water for cleaning because it will alter the shape of the lines. No cleaning solution should remain in the lines.

However, if you are using it for commercial purposes, then you need to follow state regulations. Are you thinking of shopping for kegerator cleaning materials? Click here to see all of the cleaning supplies and tools available to keep your kegerator clean.

What is the best nitro solution without owning a kegerator?

Buying a kegerator is workable if you are planning to make huge batches of coffee. However, the downside is that you will require a huge space for this setup. Kegerators, kegs, taps, and tanks all take up a lot of space. So if you have an average size kitchen, it might not be the best for you. The alternative is to have systems like nitro brew you at home. This system makes it easy to brew a single cup of nitro cold brew for a lower cost.

You can either make cold brew coffee or get it from the store. Once you have the cold brew concentrate, all you need to do is plug in your nitro brew and connect it to your nitrogen line. Then you can pour the coffee in these four simple steps.

  1. Start by filling up your kettle with coffee. Use cold brew of your preference.
  2. Flavor the coffee. This step is optional but fun. You can use any flavor that you like, such as mint, pumpkin, or cloves.
  3. Charge it with nitrogen. Press the kettle into the charging station. It will add the nitrogen gas to the concentrate, giving it a creamy and smooth texture.
  4. Pour a flavorful glass of coffee. Gently shake the kettle to ensure that all the gas is mixed in evenly. Then pour the smoothest and creamy coffee into your favorite cup.

One of the advantages of this system is that you can make individual batches of nitro cold brew. You can also customize the flavors to serve everyone's needs. It will feel like having your coffee shop but for a fraction of the price. The whole process is swift, taking only a few minutes. It means you can save your time by making this coffee on your own rather than going to a coffee shop to buy it.

What is the smallest nitro kegging option available?

Nitrogen infused cold brew is getting very popular in the coffee industry. But you either need to get it on the tap or purchase a can at the grocery store. Although it seems very convenient, it comes at a high price. So what is the easy solution? Buy uKeg Nitro! It is the first fully-integrated, at-home nitro cold brew coffee maker and dispenser. It will reduce your cost from $4 to $6 per pint to $1.50 per pint.

Nitro cold brew is made by uKeg nitro in 12-24 hours. It uses biodegradable bags, which makes preparation and clean up super easy. You can get the same cascading pour from uKeg nitro that you get from costly draft systems in coffee shops. It has specialized nitro style tap and nitro cartridges that help create cascading pour. The cold brew will remain fresh for two weeks because of the vessel's pressurization system. You can enjoy nitro cold brew anywhere anytime.

You can contact their representatives to get more information.

Here are some of the best setups that will make your dreams come true.

Just click on these links and contact these companies to get information about these products. Purchase wisely and enjoy the results!


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