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Vanilla Extract in Coffee: Yay or Nay?


Brandon Pierce
September 22, 2022

Is using vanilla extract in coffee a smart idea? Some coffee enthusiasts may say a big 'NO'.

But let's be honest — not all the coffee we drink is good on its own. That's why I'm always talking about cold brew over other types.

Still, now and then, we all have a yearning for a creamy latte or iced coffee with a particular twist. Or perhaps you'd want to flavor your morning coffee without adding calories. Vanilla extract is a good way to add this required twist to your coffee.

However, a few drops of this creamy liquid may be used to flavor and sweeten coffee without the added calories of sugar. In this article, we will break down whether or not it is a good idea to add vanilla to your coffee.

Vanilla extract is a common flavor that you store in your spice cupboard and use while baking or preparing whipped cream.

What Is Pure Vanilla Extract Made Of?

Pure vanilla extract is a liquid solution used largely in baking that has a distinct vanilla aroma and flavor. Vanilla extract is made by extracting the liquid from vanilla pods and mixing it with water and ethanol.

pure vanilla extract

Vanilla extract has a powerful vanilla scent and a tinge of alcohol, as well as a robust sweetness that gives dimension to any dessert dish.

The flavor is rich and contains many diverse nuances, particularly from high-quality vanilla extract.

How To Make Coffee With Vanilla Extract

This coffee with vanilla extract recipe is a surprisingly delicious and simple combo. Here's what you need to do:

Total Time You Need for This Recipe

5-6 minutes


  • 1 tsp (5 grams) of vanilla extract
  • 4 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee
  • sugar to taste
  • creamer (optional)


  1. Brewing the coffee is the first step in producing vanilla coffee.
  2. Prepare your preferred coffee. Look up the coffee and vanilla extract proportions to use above.
  3. Pour your coffee into a glass when it has been brewed.
  4. Splash the vanilla extract into the coffee.
  5. Mix in the coffee and vanilla extract until all the flavors are fully mixed.
  6. You may now personalize your coffee with extras like milk, whipped cream, or any other flavor you like!


  • Use an appropriate amount of vanilla extract
  • You may use any type of coffee you choose, from espresso to pour over!

Why Using Vanilla in Coffee a Great Idea?

Vanilla extract is a terrific coffee sweetener and taste, but it also offers some surprising health advantages.

Even if you don't require flavored coffee, you might try adding some vanilla extract for potential health and wellbeing benefits. Here are a few of these benefits:

Vanilla Has a Natural Sweetness

Vanilla extract has a naturally sweet flavor and is low in calories. It's a terrific substitute for store-bought flavored coffee, but according to Woman’s Health Mag, it's an even better sugar substitute.

natural sweatness

If you need to reduce your sugar intake or are watching your calorie intake, replace sugar in your coffee and add vanilla extract instead.

Vanilla has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Vanillin, a key component of the vanilla bean extract, is anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antitumor.

Vanillin contains anti-inflammatory qualities that can help decrease inflammation caused by a variety of factors.

anti inflammmatory property

Furthermore, vanilla may help in the reduction of inflammation anywhere in the body so it is a good idea to add a splash of vanilla to your coffee if you have an infection.

 Vanilla Calms Your Nerves

Vanilla may have a relaxing effect on certain people. If you have caffeine jitters, try adding some vanilla essence to your coffee pot and watching it boil.

A dash of vanilla extract in your latte may help you relax while also bringing a nice vanilla smell to your kitchen. Remember to add vanilla to your coffee if you feel jittery.

Vanilla Extract Has Minerals

Vanilla extract is high in antioxidants and contains trace levels of many minerals, which may help you enhance your general health.

minerals in vanilla

Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium are all found in naturally derived, organic vanilla extract. A few drops of vanilla syrup in coffee can do the trick.


Is Vanilla a Healthy Coffee Flavoring?

Vanilla extract that is organically made, natural, and sugar-free is an excellent alternative to your regular coffee.

It is naturally sugar-free, gluten-free, allergy-free, and dairy-free, and has no hazardous flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Most importantly, it has that distinct vanilla flavor.

Can I Add Vanilla Extract to Iced Coffee?

Adding vanilla extract to your regular coffee is a terrific way to change up the flavor. You can simply make iced coffee and flavor it with vanilla essence.

How Much Vanilla in Coffee is Too Much?

In general, you only need half a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a cup of coffee to impart just the proper amount of sweetness and flavor.

I Added Too Much Vanilla in Coffee, What Do I Do?

You may minimize the bitterness by adding standard coffee creamer or 1-2 tablespoons of sugar. If you don't want to use sugar in your coffee, cinnamon might help to mask the bitterness.

How Long Does Vanilla Extract Last?

While they may still be used to sweeten your coffee, they normally have a shelf life of two to four years.


This magical taste of vanilla extract may improve your mental performance and happiness while also reducing stress.

Adding vanilla extract in coffee also gives it a new scent and flavor. If you enjoy black coffee, a drop or two of the extract can improve your experience significantly. 

You should be careful how much extract you use because it might make your coffee harsh.

When it comes to flavor, vanilla is rather bitter, and using a lot of it might ruin your palate for good.

Regardless of what others think, I appreciate the scent and overall flavor of vanilla in my coffee. It gives me a good vanilla start to my day!

Brandon Pierce

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