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Best Coffee for Energy: Top 14 Energizing Coffee Beans

What’s the best coffee for energy? We’ll dive into what makes this caffeinated beverage in it’s most enjoyable forms energizing and help you decide.

Brandon Pierce
August 3, 2022

When you wake up in the morning, coffee is the first thing that comes to mind as an energizing drink. Not only is coffee an energizing drink, but when taken in moderation, it also provides other health benefits.

But what if you still feel like your coffee has not given you enough energy? You might want to know which is the best coffee for energy? In this article, we will discuss 14 best coffee option for energy.

What Causes the Energizing Effect of Coffee?

There is a secret ingredient present in the coffee that classifies it as an energy drink. That secret drink is called caffeine. Caffeine is a brain stimulant. It is a fat-soluble compound that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and directly affects brain cells and stimulate them. 

It temporarily blocks the brain centers, making you feel lethargic and sleepy. This way brain works faster, and you feel more active and awake.

So, when we describe coffee's effects on our body, the appropriate word would be "kick" and not "energy," as the coffee kicks us to our work, especially in the morning.

Caffeine is also present in soda, green, black, and other energy drinks. But these sodas and drinks contain more sugar than caffeine, which harms your body more than benefits. So, it is better to avoid such beverages.

When consumed in moderation, coffee is a part of a healthy diet. One to two cups of brewed coffee daily benefits your health. 

The stimulating effect of coffee starts to show after 5-30 minutes of drinking it and can last up to 12 hours. The effects, however, vary from person to person depending on the body mass index, metabolism, and Caffeine tolerance of a coffee drinker

The Criteria for Best Coffee Beans

Before we go into each coffee type, let us consider the factors that make a type of coffee beans the best energizing drink? The best coffee in terms of boosting energy must meet all the following criteria:

High caffeine content

The Energy that coffee provides is due to its caffeine. The coffee content that the following products have is at a safe level but is still higher than regular coffee brews. 

The type of coffee beans determines the caffeine content. Arabica plants are more widely used and produce coffee beans of high quality. However, robusta coffee has about twice as much caffeine as regular coffee in the brewed cup, making it substantially more caffeinated.

Energy for a single serving

You don't need to consume a large quantity of coffee to energize yourself. Instead, you need one or two cups daily, and you are good to go.

Coffee types and their caffeine content: 

The vital function of coffee is due to its caffeine content. That content must be kept in mind when choosing a coffee type to remain focused and full of energy. 

Espressos and so-called Turkish coffee are potent and can keep you awake and focused. Both techniques use incredibly sufficient grounds for the best flavor and caffeine extraction.

The caffeine amount of one shot of espresso (53 mg of caffeine) is lower than that of one cup of filter coffee (115 to 175 mg), even though espresso serves in a smaller serving size.

Black Coffee: 96 mg of caffeine in 8 ounces (240-mL) of coffee

If black coffee is your choice of drink, you can enjoy an energy boost that lasts for four to six hours if other molecules do not contaminate your coffee beans.

Coffee beans are one of the crops that get heavy pesticide spraying, and it is suggested to only purchase organic coffee. If you need to nap two hours later, your beans are contaminated.

What about the feared caffeine crash? It is very accurate, yet opinions on how dreadful it varies from person to person. If you firmly believe that struggle exists, you might want to consider switching to a latte or adding a little milk. 

Matcha: 19-44 mg of caffeine in 8 ounces (240-mL) of coffee

Matcha has less caffeine and doesn't cause a crash, so people who drink it tend to be a little more relaxed and calm than people who drink coffee. 

The ECGs [a type of antioxidant] and other phytonutrients are present. Its functions are opposite to the adrenaline response. It won't cause your heart to pump faster as coffee does, in other words.

It also matters whether you drink your matcha with water or almond milk. That milk will somewhat reduce the effects, much like coffee lattes. Therefore, use water to make your matcha if you want an Energy boosting cup.

LATTE: 86 mg of caffeine in 8 ounces (240-mL) of coffee

While a double latte has more Caffeine overall than a cup of black coffee and a shot of espresso has more per ounce than coffee, the milk's (or nut milk's) counteracting properties make the effects less intense. 

You won't experience as much of a crash if you add milk because it cancels out some of the adrenaline effects that coffee has. 

What are the results? Your energy would not get as high as drinking black coffee, but it won't be much low either. You are going to get that "kick" anyway.

Bulletproof coffee: 95–140 mg of caffeine per cup

A high-calorie coffee drink called "bulletproof coffee" is taken in place of breakfast as it is high in carbohydrates. 

The ingredients are blended in a blender: two cups (470 mL) of coffee, two tablespoons (28 grams) of unsalted grass-fed butter, and one to two tablespoons (15–30 mL) of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

Because the beans are essentially as pure as they can be, Bulletproof coffee has more caffeine than ordinary coffee. However, the additives (butter, ghee, and MCT oil) decrease the effects, including the crash, just like milk.

 Still, the kick comes faster and harder than black coffee. The MCT oil acts directly in cells, providing an additional boost, claims Bulletproof.

A coffee snack bar: 35 mg of caffeine

Caffeinated snacks are getting very famous worldwide because people are obsessed with coffee, which has even made its way into snack bars made of coffee. Many, including Eat Your Coffee Bar, use a full cup of coffee. 

What exactly happens when it's in food? It will somewhat negate the adrenaline effects of coffee, just like with milk. Similar to how a cup of coffee will probably make you jittery if you consume it on an empty stomach. 

Best Coffee for Energy: Top 10 Picks Reviewed

When choosing the best coffee for energy, there is a diverse group of coffee. Some coffee brands may have extra caffeine than others. While others have additives blended into ground coffee to help maintain focus and provide energy with better metabolic function.

Here are some personal picks of coffee brands having light roast to dark roast coffee.

1. Black Label Coffee by Devil Mountain

 The highest caffeine content is present in the Black Label Coffee by Devil Mountain. This coffee is not for the faint of heart because it contains more than 1,500 mg of caffeine per cup. 

Given that Black Label contains the highest caffeine of any coffee on this list, it assures to provide you consistent energy levels without the jitters. A subtle, never-bitter cherry and chocolate flavor profile with shockingly high caffeine levels.

Premium Arabica and Robusta whole coffee beans from around the world have been mindfully and carefully chosen to provide you with a dark roast coffee with a strong flavor you'll find tempting and instantly fall in love with.

Buy online

2. Kimera Coffee Amber Roast

 The coffee beans are lightly roasted and have energy-giving attributes. Due to the roasting procedure, the coffee is more caffeinated than regular. It also contains a particular combination of L-Theanine, Taurine, Alpha GPC, and DMAE. 

Light roast flavor with honeyed, well-balanced, and delightful berries and brown sugar aromas makes this coffee unique and famous.

You may have heard of Taurine that is added to energy drinks. There is increased focus, metabolism, and energy due to these supplements.

Kimera Koffee is by your side fuelling your daily adventures... whatever they may be, whether you're crushing the most recent spreadsheet, climbing mountains, or gathering the kids for soccer practice.

You can get this coffee at your doorstep by ordering online.


3. Shock Coffee: The most robust caffeinated coffee that is all-natural

Coffee products brewed and canned by Shock Coffee contain around 50% more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee. Think of it as the energy drink of the coffee industry.

The high caffeine, high-energy coffee from Shock Coffee offers great flavor without being bitter and contains up to 50% more caffeine than other brands. 

It has carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans- Medium to Dark Roast Blend, which makes it a perfectly delicious and energy-boosting drink

Get it now by ordering online

4. Four Sigmatic

 It is the best instant coffee that gives a quick energy boost and instant coffee taste. This coffee blend features organic instant coffee made from Arabica coffee beans, organic lion's mane mushroom powder, and Chaga mushroom powder. 

This fantastic blend has several health advantages that can improve your immune system and cognitive function in addition to its earthy, smooth, moderate flavor.

In particular, when you need to concentrate on your work, the organic Lion's Mane mushroom, which enhances brain function, encourages attention and productivity. 

Because of its antioxidant characteristics, the Chaga mushroom also has advantages for your immune system. 

Additionally, organic coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans, which have a sweet, delicate flavor with hints of fruit and honey.

 Check out this product online.

5. Death Wish Medium Roast:

 Death wish medium roast has caffeine levels twice as much as standard coffee. However, no additives are present in the coffee beans or any supplements. 

The intense flavors of dark chocolate make it delicious, but its extra caffeine content helps maintain focus and is the best energy boost

The Medium Roast blend creates a perfectly balanced cup each time since it is naturally lighter, less acidic, and subtle. The blend, which is grown at higher altitudes, is perfect for those who want a lighter roast without compromising the extra caffeine boost. 

The strongest coffee in the world

 Your ordinary cup of coffee will be completely transformed into a tasty, strong, and intense beverage by our whole-roasted coffee beans; the coffee beans are super fuel for living life on the go. 

It will awaken your senses and provide your body's energy to function at its best throughout the day.

Try this without risk: The Death Wish Promise is that you may decide for yourself whether or not our organic whole bean coffee lives up to the excellent praise it consistently receives from thousands of devoted consumers.

6. Black Insomnia Coffee: 

If you want to stay up the whole night, Black Insomnia Coffee is your choice of coffee.

 Due to the mix of beans and the careful roasting, Black Insomnia has an exceptionally high caffeine content and wonderful flavor that will give you that caffeine kick and is a tremendous energy-boosting drink. 

It contains Four Times More Caffeine than regular coffee with no extras, nootropics, or additives.

According to lab tests, each 12 fl. oz. A cup of Black Insomnia Coffee has 1105 mg of caffeine. That has four times the amount of caffeine as a typical cup of coffee.

The taste is an Excellent Luxurious dark chocolate flavor with scents of caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia. The website claims it never uses bitter beans in its traditionally roasted Arabica and Robusta beans.

7. I'm Stamina coffee: 

Whole Bean, 100% ARABICA, No Mycotoxin, Low Acid, Vegan, Non-GMO, Certified Organic

The unique thing about this coffee is the addition of mushrooms in it. Mushrooms that are high in energy and low in caffeine can help you manage stress. Although the caffeine content is lower than the standard, as the name suggests, it guarantees high energy and stamina to coffee drinkers. 

The coffee has lower acidic content but contains mushrooms like Reishi and Cordyceps, scientifically proven to provide energy and increase stamina. Contain natural extracts that support the immune system, health, and performance

Improves mental clarity and focus with absolutely no taste of mushrooms.

Get it online

8. Killer Coffee: 

It is made with roasted Arabica coffee beans that are 100% dark. Killer coffee made in Australia has a picture of a skull on the front and is so caffeinated that it can make a dead person wake

It goes by the name of "Australia's Strongest Coffee," It has exceptionally high caffeine content—even more than what is generally present in robusta beans

This coffee claims to be versatile and tastes great no matter how you make it since it is a creamy, smooth, bitterness-free brew with a flavor of caramel.

Customers must brew the coffee following Killer Coffee's recommendations to get the amount of caffeine mentioned above.

The amount of caffeine in Killer Coffee will change according to the brewing technique and the quantity of ground coffee used.

Killer Coffee is more than three times stronger than a standard 250 ml cup of coffee, so it should only be used by individuals aware of their degree of caffeine sensitivity and tolerance. Get it online and have a boost of energy.

9. Napalm Extra Dark Roast:

 Napalm coffee is unique because it is made from 100% Arabica beans. Renowned for their rich flavor and smooth taste, the beans are hand-picked and roasted so that caffeine content is well-balanced. 

It would help if you had its extremely strong, intense flavor to eliminate morning drowsiness and noon winter blues. It will pick you up when you are lying face down in a puddle of mud, dust you off, and then send you on your way. 

The coffee is two times as potent as regular coffee, refreshing you all day long and providing an extra burst of energy when you need it most.

This works excellent with drip coffee makers, Aeropress, Chemex, espresso equipment, French presses, Keurig, and more!

10. Perk Up High Caffeine Coffee: 

This coffee with medium roasted has a very delicious taste. Perk up High Caffeine Coffee is a certified organic coffee made with natural extract to increase the caffeine content.

This coffee tastes great and will wake you up and keep you focused due to its higher caffeine content. It works better than an energy drink and requires no additional sugar.

Buy online

11. Carraro 1927

The Carraro 1927 uses Arabica beans, like many other coffees on this list. It also combines Italian espresso coffee beans to give it an extra kick.

 It is prepared by picking the high-quality coffees that the company produced that year, which get individually roasted and mixed just before being dispatched.

 Carraro 1927 is guaranteed to get you up and make you enjoy the perks of having an aromatic and a great-tasting coffee since different types of coffee are mixed with espresso.

 Pick up a tin if you want a pleasant perfume, rich taste, something fresh to enjoy, and an energy boost.

Buy online

12. Banned coffee:

 According to their website, their coffee offers an "ungodly jolt of energy" This Banned Coffee claims to be "the world's most delicious and strongest coffee." The claim is supported by the amount of caffeine it contains, which is more than three times as much caffeine as the top energy drinks on the market.

Additionally, The Banned Coffee is naturally full of vitamins and minerals (Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, and Magnesium)

The taste is rich and smooth, with notes of berries and chocolate. The beans are medium to dark roasted to ensure an optimal level of caffeine and a good flavor.

13. In fuel Energy PLUS Coffee: 

The coffee has high caffeine content that makes you say goodbye to jitters and afternoon crashes. It contains antioxidants, magnesium, and potassium to boost your Energy throughout the day without giving those adverse after-effects as it contains extra happy-brain ingredients.

14. Biohazard coffee:

 Here we have another scary coffee brand name. The insanely high caffeine content of Biohazard coffee is produced by an entirely natural process.

It has dark roasted Robusta beans which make its taste a little bitter but still, it is flavorful and delicious. There is an aroma of popcorn, nuts, chocolate, and tobacco. Which makes this more flavor-friendly.

This coffee is designed for caffeine addicts all around the world and the website claims it to be the strongest coffee present on earth.

The caffeine amount in Biohazard coffee is so high that it will help wake you up from the deepest snooze and get you through the busy day. It works faster than any energy drink, that too without any added sugar.

15. High voltage coffee: 

The beans of high voltage coffee are dark roasted perfectly This Australian-based coffee is lab-tested to have a very high content of coffee. It is so strong and energizing yet so smooth and rich in flavor that every coffee drinker is going to love it. 


There you have it. The article provides a complete guide to the best energy-giving coffee.

Espresso coffee is the strongest of all when we talk about the caffeine content. 

Also, many companies produce coffee with more than standard caffeine content for caffeine addicts, as mentioned in the above lists of coffee. 

We advise buying Devil's Mountain Black Label coffee if you want to make coffee with the highest caffeine at home. Each 12-ounce cup contains up to 1,555 mg of caffeine, more than ten times as much as a standard serving of drip coffee.

The greatest caffeine option battle doesn't appear to have a clear winner, for better or worse; the trick is figuring out what suits your body the best. So, add whatever coffee type you want to your favorite mug; remember that you should consume everything in moderation.

Stay energized!

Brandon Pierce

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