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Yama Glass Drip Tower Review


Brandon Pierce
August 31, 2022

Similar to how cold brew shot into popularity, drip towers are also becoming more and more popular each day.

If you are on the hunt for one, we’ve got just the right make and model for you.

Not only does the Yama Glass Drip Tower look incredibly innovative, but it also provides a more robust cup of coffee with a complex profile.

With the ability to create your own artisan coffee at home in a highly intuitive manner, it’s a fantastic device to have in your kitchen.


Drip towers are designed to give you the fullest tasting coffee possible, especially when compared to more traditional brewing methods, such as using a percolator.

Thanks to them, you will easily be able to extract the most advanced flavor profile from your favorite coffee.

With the help of this appliance, you’ll experience new flavors of your favorite beans that you never knew existed.

Another advantage of the Yama Glass Drip Tower is that it makes brewing coffee substantially more efficient and effective.

Even when compared to cold brew, this drip tower is far more innovative and tasteful.

It also has the perfect capacity to brew a single cup or an entire carafe, all while maintaining consistency in quality and flavor.


Everyone will be able to benefit from having a drip tower. However, coffee lovers are the group of people that will be able to experience the most advantages.

As it is quite an investment, it’s best used by someone who has been let down by hot and cold brew coffee.

Why? Because it creates a more robust flavor profile, you’ll want to be able to appreciate the finer details of all types of coffee grounds.

The Yama Glass Drip Tower also has a unique appearance that will look absolutely phenomenal when displayed in your kitchen.

It’s one of the few kitchen appliances that are equally as useful as it is attractive; it will certainly become the focal point of your coffee brewing station.

If you’re someone who is on the search for the richest and least acidic coffee possible, the Yama Glass Drip Tower is a perfect solution.


There aren’t any extra accessories included with the drip tower because all of the parts that you need are built into the unit.

This is one of the main aspects of drip towers that make them so appealing; they are a streamlined coffee maker.

The parts that are included with the Yama Glass Drip Tower are:

  • Glass lid
  • Glass top
  • Water drop valve
  • Glass center
  • Paper filter (replaceable)
  • Ceramic filter
  • Glass coil
  • Glass bottom
  • Adjastack feet


  • Full Profile Brewing

With the combination of the ice water reservoir and the slow drip system, you’ll be able to extract all of the flavors from your coffee grounds to create a full profile cup or carafe of coffee.

  • Large Capacity Brewing

No matter if you want to use the Yama Glass Drip Tower at home or in a professional café, you’ll be able to brew larger capacities of coffee in far less time than with a cold brew.

On average, you can craft an entire carafe of drip coffee in up to four hours, compared to 24 hours with immersion brewing.

  • Acidic-Free

If you’re someone who enjoys coffee, but also finds that it upsets your stomach, you may want to consider trying drip coffee.

The slower brewing method helps to remove all of the acidity so you can finally, enjoy your favorite coffee without any discomfort.

The Yama Glass Drip Tower creates less acidic content compared to percolators and cold brew coffee makers.

  • Hand-blown Borosilicate Glass

Every part of the drip tower is constructed using high-quality hand-blown borosilicate glass.

This helps to preserve the quality of the coffee as it travels through the tower and also keeps it much fresher for longer.

In addition, the glass is non-porous. This means that you won’t have to worry about absorbing chemicals or orders, so each cup of coffee is fresh.

  • 100% Wood Tower

The structure of the coffee drip tower is constructed using 100% wood. This helps to add a more luxurious appeal compared to plastic drip towers.

In addition, you’ll find that the frame will last much longer than with less expensive models.

  • Heat-Resistant, Dishwasher-Safe, and Microwave-Safe

There’s no need to worry about hand washing all of the smaller parts of the drip tower as they are all dishwasher-safe.

In addition, you can brew hot drip coffee as the borosilicate glass is microwave-safe and heat-resistant.


Using the Yama Glass Drip Tower is simpler than it may look, especially for novice users.

After you have followed the instructions to assemble the tower and its parts, drip brewing coffee is incredibly simple.

You'll also appreciate how comprehensive and easy the instructions are to follow without the need for tools.

  • After ensuring the water drop valve is closed, add water and ice into the beaker on the top of the tower. Then, place the ceramic filter in the bottom of the middle container and add in one pound of finely ground coffee.
  • Covering the coffee with a paper filter, turn on the drop valve to allow the water to drip slowly.
  • Once you have the drip tower set up and working, it should take about three to four hours to brew eight cups.
  • You can then put all of the glass components in the dishwasher to be cleaned.


Most drip towers that work well are likely to be expensive; however, if you’re looking for a high-quality product similar to the Yama Glass Drip Tower, we recommend the Yama Glass Brown Frame Drip Coffee Maker.

Both units have the same benefits, such as borosilicate glass, faster brewing time, and full-bodied brews.

The main difference is that the coffee drip tower with the brown frame is over $100 less expensive, which is ideal for first-time users.

In addition to this, the one with the brown frame also has a slightly different design. Nonetheless, both are built to craft six to eight cups of drip coffee.


Luxury, style, and spectacularly brewed coffee are the three largest benefits of the Yama Glass Drip Tower.

It’s an innovative approach to crafting a premium cup or carafe of coffee at home or in your professional café.

With a fast brewing speed when compared to immersion methods, you’ll love the robust flavor profile of every cup you create with the Yama Glass Drip Tower.

Brandon Pierce

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