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The Ninja Coffee Bar: The Best All-in-one Coffee System of 2023


Brandon Pierce
March 6, 2023

This is a review of Ninja Coffee Bar from the CF091 series.

Be with me as we dive into details about Ninja Coffee Bar.

Features of Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja seriesCoffee bar
Brew size(5) Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Speciality, Cafe forte
Coffee type Ground coffee only (no capsule & pods)
Serving SizesCup, XL Cup, Travel, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, Full Carafe (depend on model)
Milk frotherEither integrated or sold separately
Water reservoir50 or 43 oz (depending on the model)
CarafeGlass or Thermal
Carafe capacity50 or 43 oz (depending on the model)
External materialPlastic 
Shut Off2 hours after brewing
Led control panel with programmable digital clockYes (except the CF110 coffee bar who has a control panel without a digital clock)
ColorSilver and black
Power  (watts)1400 or 1450 (depending on the model)
Thermal Flavor ExtractionYes
Permanent filterYes (in some models)
Weight12.73 pounds
Machine Size (WxDxH)9.21 x 11.34 x 15 inches
Warranty1 year
Extra featuresAuto clean up for water hardening, Drip stop to halt the flow of coffee from the brew basket, Audible ready signal, Auto IQ for measured water for each drink, 24 hr programmable delay brew button, fold away frother, and Intelligent warming plate.

Ninja Coffee Bar Overview

Ninja is a cost-effective brand that offers ubiquitous kitchen appliances like blenders, pressure cookers, air fryers, indoor grills, coffee & tea makers, and more.


  • Multi-Serving Platform from small to large pots
  • Five brew modes
  • Hard water alert and audible ready signal
  • Auto-IQ knows how much water different brews need


  • Not suitable for tight spaces
  • Milk frother just froths milk
  • Frother does not heat/chill
  • Noisy
  • Complex with lots of parts

Ninja believes in innovation. That’s why it comes up with four series of coffee makers. 

Coffee Brewer: Normal coffee maker for small and large cups.

Specialty Coffee Maker: Coffee Brewer Machine with concentrated Over Ice and Specialty modes settings

Coffee Bar: Specialty Coffee Maker with Cafe Forte mode and integrated frother (depending on the model)

Hot & Cold: Coffee Bar has a cold brew mode, tea basket accessory, and advanced outlook.

Ninja Coffee Bar has three different models itself that vary in design and carafe systems. 

  1. CF110 Series: coffee bar without carafe system
  2. CF091 & CF080 Series: coffee bar with Glass carafe system
  3. CF097 & CF085 Series: coffee bar system with Thermal carafe system

You can find these discontinued Ninja Coffee Bar models on Amazon. Furthermore, Ninja Hot and Cold coffee maker replaces Ninja Coffee Bar .

This classy coffee maker brews in five distinct modes wherein everybody has a share of their own. From intense 4.08 oz beverages to large 50 oz pots, it caters to the whole family.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ninja Coffee Bar

1. Design and Appearance

Ninja Coffee bar is ingeniously designed and needs a fixed spot on your kitchen counter. Its plastic exterior has some metal accessories. 

Ninja Coffee Bar has bulky dimensions (WxDxH) of 9.21 x 11.34 x 15 inches with a weight of 12.73 pounds. That means it isn’t portable.

Its multi-serve dial is pretty simple, and it includes 4 to 6 options (as per the model). For instance, it offers Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe. 

Moreover, this coffee maker has a complex interface which is suitable for a pro who has used coffee makers before. 

When it comes to the layout of the models of Ninja Coffee bar, they have some major differences apart from the carafe system.

Ninja Coffee Bar - CF097

This model has a more modern-squarish outlook in terms of its water reservoir, brew basket, and more. Apart from design, this model has an integrated frother.

Ninja Coffee Bar - CF085z

This model has a more retro-cylindrical outlook in terms of its water reservoir, brew basket, and more. Apart from the design, you need to buy the frother separately.

2. Ninja Coffee Bar Brew Sizes

Brew dial options vary from 4 to 6 depending on the model. I’ve grasped these by default brew sizes from the machine manual. 

For Instance, the approximate brew sizes for CF091, CF097, and CF110 are this:

However, the brew sizes for CF080 and CF085 Ninja Coffee Bar are this:

These models have a slight difference in their brewing size but overall they serve us a variety of beverages. 

Take help from the below measurements of ground coffee for each brew size. 

Note: When using whole beans, exceeding the suggested medium grind size may cause overflowing of the brew basket.

3. Ninja Coffee Bar Brew Types

Another feature that distinguishes the Ninja Coffee Bar System is its six custom brews that suit every taste and use.

Classic Brew
For smooth and balanced flavor.
Rich Brew
For a richer and never-bitter flavor that ascends to flavoring of milk.
Over Ice Brew
For a rich, smooth, freshly brewed iced coffee (not diluted with water)
Specialty Brew
For concentrated-rich to use as a key ingredient for frozen/iced coffee house style and hot milk-based drinks.
Cafe Forte Brew
For deep, full-bodied and complex flavor that is so rich and drinkable, that not milk or sweeteners are needed.

4. Ninja Coffee Filters

Ninja Coffee Bar comes with a permanent filter that is reusable and keeps the coffee oil and intense flavor intact like a French press.

This permanent gold-tone filter is environmentally friendly and simple to clean. You can also go with the #4 paper cone filter and place it in the removable filter carrier.

Remember, when using paper filters, remove the permanent filter and fold the edges so that the filter sits smooth and flat in the brew basket without folding over on itself.

5. Ninja Auto IQ Technology

The Auto IQ regulates the flow and temperature of the water. It stops in the middle of a brew to allow the grounds to evenly saturate at varied rates for each brew option. It is known as the pre-infusion cycle.

This differentiates Ninja Coffee Bar Brewing System from the traditional coffee makers that over-extract the grounds, which causes bitterness and sour taste.

Ninja Coffee Bar begins its magic when it pulls the needed amount of water for the brewing option (you’ve selected) and sets the water temperature between 195-205 degrees for a perfect cup.

Assume you want a specialized brew of intense coffee. Auto IQ system will portion out enough water for 3.1 oz of concentrate if you choose the single-cup size. Auto IQ will measure out 4 oz of concentration if you switch to the portable mug size.

6. Ninja Coffee Bar Water Reservoir

The Ninja Coffee Bar has a 43 to 50-ounce translucent plastic water tank that covers almost 10 cups. This removal water reservoir has a flip-top for practical access and quick filling and hand grips so you can easily lift the reservoir.

You can easily remove or fill it from the top as well. Additionally, its measuring scale helps you to fill it up to the max level, and then the Auto-IQ will do the rest.

7. Ninja Coffee Scoop

The Ninja Coffee Bar includes a two-sided hanging scoop for precise measurement. The bigger side intends for carafes, half-carafes, and concentrated settings. While the smaller side intends for cups and travel mugs.

The dishwasher-safe scoop has mentioned serving instructions to help you add the proper quantity of coffee grinds.

8. Thermal Flavor Extraction

Ninja introduces its three-step Thermal Flavor Extraction method:

  1. Consistent Temperatures
  2. Variable Bloom 
  3. Even Saturation 

This technology starts with a showerhead-style faucet that pulls water from the reservoir to the drip basket.

When it pours a small amount of hot water into the coffee ground, the grinds permit fumes and become fuller and rich. You need to wait for at least 30 seconds for this part, i.e., Auto- IQ tech controls the bloom time too.

The consistent temperature of the water also has an impact on the quality of the brew. Ninja's excel showerhead evenly saturates coffee grounds.

Apart from this, both carafes include a brew-through lid that looks like a funnel and assures a constant pour – no one cup should be stronger or weaker than the others.

9. Ninja Coffee Bar Milk Frother

Ninja Coffee Maker with a frother or the hand pump is its best feature. This depends on the model which you’re buying. 

CF110, CF091, and CF097 come with an integrated frother that produces milk foam for hot and chilled beverages. Whereas, for CF85 and CF80, you need to purchase the  hand pump separately.

Users find just one issue with the Ninja frother, and that is it doesn’t heat or chill your milk. You need to do this part yourself.

10. Cleaning & Maintaining the Ninja Coffee Bar 

Its cleaning and maintenance are simple because of its detachable parts like a water reservoir, carafe, brew basket, and more. 

For cleaning after the brew, close the drip stop and carefully remove and wash the permanent filter. If you're using a paper filter, throw it away. Remove the brew basket from the brewer and rinse with soap and warm water.

You can rinse the carafe and water reservoir with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Also, both the carafe and reservoir are dishwasher safe. You can place them in the top rack too. 

Note: the Ninja thermal carafe system is not dishwasher safe

For further cleaning and descaling, Ninja Coffee Bar read the instructions mentioned in the manual guide from  here.

11. Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal vs Glass Carafe

The Thermal Carafe System includes a 43 or 50 oz double-walled, vacuum-sealed stainless steel thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for up to 2 hours.

The Glass Carafe System includes a 43 or 50-ounce glass carafe. The Glass Carafe System, unlike the Thermal Carafe System, includes a warming plate.

12. Ninja’s Precise Temp Warming Plate

Ninja designed the warming plate with a unique feature called Precise Temp Technology. The phrase is fancy, but this intelligent warming plate adjusts the temperature based on the volume of coffee made. 

This means that a cup and a full carafe will have distinct temperatures. I know it is a basic function but appreciated by anyone who has burned their coffee on a too hot warming plate.

Another feature of the warming plate is its Stay Warm Button which turns on automatically after brewing a carafe and turns off after 2 hours.

The Ninja Coffee Bar Recipe Book

This coffee wizard is the best coffee maker on your counter, and Ninja respects its busy users.

That’s why it collaborates with Sofia Vergara to publish its recipe book.

This book is the amalgamation of 100 recipes, of which 20 recipes are of Sofia’s signature. 

Ninja Coffee Bar Cappuccino Recipe

cappuccino recipe


  • Your favorite coffee ground
  • 3-4 single-serve scoops using the Ninja coffee ground portion tool
  • Filtered water
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • Cinnamon powder

Prep Information

  • Prep time: 2 minutes
  • Brew time: 1-2 minutes


  1. Fill the basket with coffee grounds and the water reservoir with water.
  2. Pour the milk into the cup and microwave for 60 seconds.
  3. For smooth foam, use Ninja hand-pump or integrated frother for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Fill a medium-sized mug halfway with frothed milk.
  5. Choose the Travel size option.
  6. Select the “Specialty” brew option.
  7. Sprinkle cinnamon over the top.
  8. Enjoy your cappuccino

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja and Keurig are strong competitors in the coffee niche, but their targeted audience is a bit different.

Who would prefer a Ninja Coffee Bar?

You can go for Ninja coffee bar because:

  • Ninja offers more concentrated brews
  • Ninja uses a standard conical filter.
  • Ninja serves you with a hand pump or built-in frother.

Who would prefer a Keurig?

You can go for Keurig if:

  • You are comfortable with K-Cups and reusable pod attachments.
  • You love rich coffee.
  • You’re looking for a friendly user interface, easy to clean.

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Nespresso

Ninja and Nespresso are strong competitors in the coffee niche, but their targeted audience is a bit different. 

Who would prefer a Ninja Coffee Bar?

You can go for Ninja Coffee Maker if:

  • You love a ground-only brew, try Ninja.
  • You are comfortable without espresso, as Ninja doesn’t brew espresso.
  • You’re looking for a reasonable price coffee maker.

Who would prefer Nespresso?

You can go for Nespresso if:

  • You adore capsules, pay attention to Nespresso
  • You like Its feature of brew standard tech
  • You’re looking for a luxe yet expensive machine 

Ninja Coffee Bar Alternatives

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja iced coffee maker is distinguished by the ability to generate cold brew coffee as well as a milk frother.

You can also steep any type of tea with it. 

The machine will adjust for the proper water temperature according to what you’re creating.

Ninja 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker 

It is Ninja’s most basic model but it never fails to miss versatility. This 12-cup coffee maker has a delay start feature. 

There are two brewing styles to choose from: Classic and Rich. 

If you’re creating between one and four cups, it also has a Small Batch option.

Ninja Specialty 10 Cup Coffee Maker & Frother

It offers four brew options Classic, Rich, Over Ice, and Specialty.

The specialty brew style provides a concentrated coffee that can be used to prepare espresso-like beverages such as lattes and mochas.

Ninja specialty coffee maker with glass carafe and thermal carafe has a fold-away milk frother.

Ninja Coffee Bar Troubleshooting

What do I do if my Ninja Coffee Bar is beeping?

If you hear Ninja Coffee Bar’s beep after toggling the brew button, make sure that the drip stop valve is open, and the brew basket is inserted all the way in.

Why does the Ninja Coffee Bar take so long to brew?

The Ninja brews at a snail’s pace. In the single-serve game, a single-cup size takes around 4 minutes, and a full carafe takes about 8 minutes. If it takes too long, consider running a descale cleaning cycle.

Why are there filters in my cup?

Because the permanent filter has a different filter makeup than the paper filters. After using rough coffee ground you’ll get small particles. If the problem remains, try using number 4 cone paper filters.

Why is my Ninja not dispensing the proper amount of coffee?

The first thing to check is that you selected the proper settings. For example, the small cup setting could have four different brew sizes depending on the brew type you select.

What is the problem with the delay brew function?

Check that the brew basket inserts inward and the drip stop is open. Also, if you brew another cup before the delay brew begins, the delay brew function will cancel.

Why is the clean button illuminated?

It illustrates that it is time for you to descale Ninja Coffee bar.

My coffee is not that warm.

Ninja requires one full brew to heat all of its components. Thus, the second and third brews are hotter than the first. Pre-heating your mug with hot water will assist your coffee to hold its heat and make your first brew hotter.

My coffee is either too strong or too weak.

Because the Ninja is not a pod-based brewer, you can adjust the coffee grind volume and size. If your coffee is excessively strong, try coarse grind or fewer coffee grounds. Try the opposite if your coffee is too weak.

What if my Ninja Coffee Maker leaks?

If it’s coming from the brew basket, make sure all of the components correctly fit together. If the leak is coming from the machine’s inside or the base, contact customer support (1-877-646-5288).


Can you make Espresso With Ninja Coffee Bar?

The Ninja Coffee Bar creates a close but not identical imitation of espresso. If you enjoy coffee and don't mind a little replica, the Ninja Coffee Bar is just what you're searching for. The espresso isn't real, but it's still tasty.

Ninja’s Auto IQ technology brews the Specialty Brew, which is darn close to espresso and will do just well in your cappuccino or latte.

Can a drip brewer make espresso?

It's all about the pressure when it comes to espresso. Because espresso machines blend coffee grounds and water under pressure, they can produce coffee concentrates. 

As per the industry consensus, espresso requires at least 9 bars of pressure. Several home espresso makers offer 15-19 bars of variable pressure.

Drip brewers, such as the Ninja Coffee Bar System, are incapable of producing anything close to the requisite pressure.

What kind of espresso flavor will their Specialty Brew have?

The specialty brew setting pre-infuses the coffee grinds with water for best extraction rather than just passing the required volume of water through the grounds. The entire procedure takes around 60 seconds, and the end effect is rather remarkable.

As a consequence, you have a strong coffee concentrate. It's not an espresso with rich crema, but Ninja's pre-infusion and water volume control via Auto IQ allow extraction parallel to the drip brewer.

Can you make Iced Coffee with Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja Coffee Bar will not brew an iced beverage, but yes, you can blend the coffee concentrate with the ice. 

Ninja’s Over-Ice setting through Auto IQ creates a coffee concentrate when topped on ice, melts it, and dilutes it to the ideal iced coffee concentration. Also, you can further drop some more ice in the sun’s scorching heat. 

Some users find the iced coffee not that much diluted, which means that the melting of ice cubes with a hot coffee concentrate leaves tiny ice cube shards that haven’t yet fully melted. 

But it is a concern for those who are picky. Still, you can get the best flavor of iced coffee. 

How does the integrated milk frother work on the Ninja Coffee Bar?

For the Ninja Coffee Bar Integrated frother, you first need to microwave the milk for 60 seconds or chill the milk for 1 hour. 

After heating or cooling the milk, pour it into the cup or pot. To whisk the milk for the required volume, immerse the cup into the frothing arm and rapidly push the plunger manually. 

The hand pump frother, which is a replica of a French press coffee maker, is microwave safe. That means you can do everything in one container. I’m certain that you’ll be surprised after seeing the aeration in 5-10 seconds. 

As per my experience, when I poured the foamed milk into my cappuccino mug, I observed approx 1.5 inches of light froth. 

How good is the Ninja Coffee Bar frother?

Although it is not as good as a steam frother, the Ninja Coffee Bar frother functioned great in terms of its low cost and simplicity.

Are all Ninja Coffee makers Ninja Coffee Bars?

Not at all! They were termed coffee bars because they offered more brew strength, kind, and size options than any other Ninja drip coffee maker on the market. Now it is renewed and can brew cold coffee and have K-Cup compatibility. 

What drinks can you make with Ninja?

You can make as many drinks as possible like Iced chai latte, Hot chocolate, White chocolate, mocha Latte, Caramel macchiato (Iced or hot), and more.

How Do I Reset My Ninja Coffee Maker?

Simply unplugging your Ninja coffee maker is the simplest way to reset all of its settings.

What Is the Over Ice Brew?

This brew produces concentrated coffee so that when it is poured over ice, the finished beverage will not taste watered down. 

What Is the Drip Auto Stop on the Ninja Coffee Bar?

With the Drip Auto Stop, the valve under the brew basket closes when you pull out the carafe. There is a switch in the Specialty and Hot & Cold Brewers to manually close the valve.

What Kind of Coffee Does a Ninja Coffee Bar Need?

It is compatible with all types of coffee. You can experiment with a new flavor or single-origin bean. It works best with medium grind size. It lacks an integrated grinder, so if you buy whole bean coffee, you’ll need to purchase a separate grinder.

Is There a Pause Option in Ninja Coffee Bar?

Yes, but not automatically. You can pause it by closing the Drip Stop switch. This will totally halt the brewing process, allowing you to remove your cup or carafe and turn on the Drip Stop light.


The Ninja Coffee Bar is best suited for those who want the usual single-serve cups with some extra aroma, half or full pots, and intense brew for iced coffee. Additionally, it offers more flexibility than other coffee makers like Keurig and Nespresso.

While not all models are readily available, you can enjoy its renewed version in the form of a Hot & Cold brewer, which lets you brew in Cold Brew mode and has a dedicated tea cartridge. 

If you still like the whole aurora of Ninja Coffee Bar, then I recommend you hurry up and get one for yourself from here.

Brandon Pierce

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