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Equipment plays an important role in providing you with a great coffee experience. You have to clean your Nespresso machine after some time of use. Old coffee elements, natural oil of ground coffee, or water elements can build over time and go through the descaling process to run properly.

What is Scale?

The word scale relates to the mineral build-ups, such as the exterior layers. In the coffee brewing method, water has different minerals that go through different phases such as heating, increasing, or decreasing temperature. These minerals gather up after some time which prevents the machine from functioning properly.

What is Descaling?

All coffee-making machines, including Nespresso, need to remove the water deposits after some time to achieve a proper coffee extraction result. The descaling process helps in improving the flavor and temperature of the coffee and helps keep the machine new.

Before you start descaling your Nespresso machine

You have to keep two things in mind before you descale your Nespresso machine: the user manual and the descaling solution. The manual will help you access the descaling modes between different models. The descaling solution is the chemical you have to use to descale the machine properly.

Nespresso descale mode cheat sheet.

Nespresso Pixie, Essenza, or CitiZ: For these models, press and hold the buttons on the machine for 3 seconds straight.

Nespresso U: Press and hold all of the three buttons on the machine for three seconds straight.

How to descale Nespresso machines:

Equipment: You can use any container or a cup.

Material: You can use white vinegar or a descaling solution. Mix it with warm water to use for descaling.


Step 1 – Get your machine ready: Before turning on the machine, remove the capsule, container, drip tray, and capsule. Now turn on the machine and wait for it to heat up. Remove any capsule in the machine.

Step 2 – Add water and descaling solution to the reservoir: Mix the descaling solution with 500 ml of water and add it to the tank. Be careful while using the descaling solution. It is a powerful chemical.

Step 3– Put a container under the brew head: Place a container under the coffee spout area. Make sure to use a container that can hold up to 1 liter of water.

Step 4 – Descale your specific machine: The descaling mode can vary on the model of the Nespresso machine you are using. Press the available buttons for three seconds. The light on the container will start blinking. Press the button again as you do while making coffee.

Step 5– Repeat and rinse: Reuse the solution after the flow cycle completes. Press the button again to start the descaling cycle. When this process ends, rinse out all of the contents of the tank. You can run the descaling step again without using the solution. It helps in removing any leftovers in the machine. If you skip this step, your first few coffees will taste funny. Also, wash out the drip tray.

Step 6– Exit the descaling mode: Exit the descaling process by levering the buttons on the machine for three seconds. The lights will blink for 25 seconds. Leave the machine to dry for ten minutes, and your machine is ready for use again.


What materials do I need to descale my Nespresso machine?

You will need a container that can hold more than 1 liter of water, a descaling solution, and warm water to descale your Nespresso machine.

Where to buy Nespresso descaling kits?

You can buy Nespresso descaling kits at Amazon.

How often does descaling need to be done?

Scale your Nespresso machines twice a year or after a maximum of 250 uses.

How much time does it take to descale the Nespresso machine?

The preparation and active time take around 3 minutes each. After that, the cycle time takes almost half an hour. The whole process takes a total time of 36 minutes.

How to clean a Nespresso machine?

To clean a Nespresso machine, you must clean the water tank, cup support, and capsule container. Wipe down the capsule head and machine with a dry towel. Run the machine’s cleaning cycle and reassemble the removed parts.

Final Thoughts

Descaling a Nespresso machine is not difficult if you follow the steps properly. The descaling process helps improve your coffee drinking experience and improves your machine’s lifespan. According to the guidelines mentioned on Nespresso’s website, you should descale your machine after every using 300 capsules.

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