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Mason Jar Coffee: A DIY Recipe To Make Cold Brew In Mason Jar


Brandon Pierce
October 9, 2022

Everyone likes enjoying a cup of perfect cold brew coffee in summer. Chilled coffee not only gives us the energy to get through the day but also helps us refresh our mood. But, the thing that enhances the flavor of cold brew coffee by making it more mellow and smooth is a Mason jar.

Coffee made in a mason jar is called Mason jar coffee. So, how to make best cold brew coffee in a mason jar? I’ll guide you just Step by step in this post.

To learn the full recipe of mason jar cold brew coffee, it’s crucial for you to not miss any of the points discussed in this article. 

So, without being late, let’s get to our topic.

Why Make Cold Brew Coffee Only In A Mason Jar?

There are many coffee jars available in the market that could be used to make cold brew coffee. So, what’s so special about a Mason jar that you should make your cold brew coffee in it?

Unlike other jars, Mason jars have a two-part top. An underside rubber ring creates a vacuum seal, while an outer band with threaded screw threads can be reused. The lids are only good for sealing once, but the bands and jars can be reused.

Making Mason Jar Coffee(Recipe)

Mason jar coffee/ Recipe To Make Coffee In Mason Jar

It’s easy to make coffee in a mason jar. Just follow the steps I’ll tell you in this article. So, let’s quickly make our cold brew coffee in a mason jar.

Your Must-Haves

Before starting out with the process of making the mason jar, gather the following materials.

Which Ingredients Will You Need?

  • 24 ounces of Cold filtered water.
  • 5 ounces of Coarsely ground coffee

What Equipment Will You Need?

  • (32 oz) Mason jar.
  • Stirring spoon.
  • Strainer, sieve, or coffee filter

Things To Watch Out For

Coffee steeps longer if its flavor is stronger. Overstepping can result in bitter, over extracted coffee. You’ll get good results even if you mix iced coffee with water in a 1:15 ratio and steep it for 12–24 hours.

This information will help you make coffee in a Mason jar easily. Make cold brew coffee in Mason jars with this recipe. If you want to ensure that your cup doesn’t get ruined, follow the steps exactly without skipping anything.

Step 1, In a Mason jar, Add The Coffee Grounds

For brewing coffee, The first thing you need to do is put the ground coffee beans into your mason jar. Then, grind it coarsely. Once the coffee beans have been measured, they can be roasted. I measured 5 ounces of grounds for 24 ounces of water. In the bottom mason jar, this will go directly.

You can make cold brew more easily by using the 5:1 ratio of water to coffee and adjusting it accordingly.

Step 2, Add Half The Water And Stir Well

Put half a cup of water in a mason jar. Stir the mixture until it is well combined.

Step 3, Put The Rest Of The Water Into The Mason Jar

Mix the remaining half-cup of cold water into the mixture and stir it again. Ensure, you’re mixing the water in a good way.

Step 4, Steep In The Refrigerator

Place the mason jar in the refrigerator. Let the jar steep for between 12–24 hours. The flavours will develop more slowly the longer you steep the jar. If you prefer cold brews in the morning, overnight steeping is recommended.

Step 5, Strain Out The Grounds.

After your cold brew has been steeped, strain the grounds with a fine strainer. This step is necessary to ensure that no grounds are left in your cold brew. This is particularly important if you have made large batches. You don’t want your cold brew to be stored with ground coffee.


Your Mason Jar Coffee is now Ready. Cold brew can be very strong. It doesn’t taste bitter or acidic, but you may still prefer a more subtle flavor. I recommend adding some milk, half-and-half, or cold water to your freshly poured cup to get the perfect flavor.

Store The Remaining Coffee In The Refrigerator

Once having the coffee, if there is any leftover cold brewed coffee, then you can put it into the refrigerator for later use. You could use any sort of clean container like Airtight. If you have any other content, then you can use that, too, as long as it’s clean.

That was the mason jar coffee recipe. Wasn’t that too easy to follow? I hope so.

What’s The Best Of Serving Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee?

Mason jar coffee/ Recipe To Make Coffee In Mason Jar

After your own cold brew has been steeped, strain it and dilute it until you are satisfied with the result. It can be served over ice or heated up to enjoy the cold.

You must also use my dairy-free heavy cream creamer. These two products will give you an afternoon boost!

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1) Are Mason jars suitable for making coffee?

Yes, you can make coffee using a mason jar. Mason jars capped in reCAP Mason jar covers make the ideal coffee storage solution.

2) What Is The Best Way To Make Coffee In A Glass Jar?

Pour water into a Mason jar. Let your coffee sit for 12 hours. You will be able to wake up to a perfect brew every morning.

3) Can hot coffee break a mason jar?

Yes, You can certainly enjoy piping hot beverages straight from a mason container.

Final Words

A Mason jar is the best container in which you can make your cold brew coffee in. You can consider it a mini-cold brew coffee maker. Because to make mason jar coffee, you don’t need a coffee maker. You can do everything in the jar itself. That’s amazing. Isn’t it?

So, now you know how to make mason jar homemade cold brew. Also, you know some of the importance and benefits of making your coffee in a jar. So, this was our cold brew recipe for mason jar.

However, we are always available to assist you. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Brandon Pierce

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